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    An unexpected offer

    Tina looked at the email she had been sent again, she shook her head. she couldn’t believe that this was real, she was being offer her own show in New York. A show with as many pieces as she could make. She had five months. She shook her head. she couldn’t believe what she was reading. She took a deep breath, before getting up and walking into the house, she went to Bette’s study upstairs,  the door was closed and she knocked.

    “Come in,” Bette yelled as she bent over her desk looking at some pieces that she was going to be displaying shortly. when Tina didn’t speak Bette looked around at her, she saw how pale Tina was, “Baby what’s the matter?”

    “Erm, I’ve had an email.”


    “MoKa New York,” Tina pushed her hands into her pockets and looked at Bette who smiled.

    “As in one of the largest galleries in Manhattan,”

    “Yeah, they’ve offered me a solo show in five months because someone has dropped out. they don’t mind how many pieces because they will put me in on one of five floors depending on the number and sizes of the  pieces, they will take 35 per cent of the show.”

    “That’s a great deal,”

    “I should take it?”

    “Yes you should, Tina that’s an amazing offer by one of the biggest galleries in America. Go for it,”

    “You’d be with me right?” Tina said slowly. she was scared to do this alone.

    “I will be there every step of the way baby,” Bette reached out and touched Tina’s face.

    “Thank you, I’ll go and email them a yes, New York city. I’m going to be shown in my own show in New York city.” Tina said shaking her head, she left the room and headed back to the studio.

    Bette smiled she was very proud of Tina. She knew that her website was doing well for prints. She was glad she was watching the woman she loves career take off. she wants Tina to have the career that meant she could draw people. She knew that Tina’s art was a draw, she had seen the reviews of the show. Something that Tina had avoided. She didn’t want to read anything negative but they had been positive. She turned back to her own work and smiled, glad that things where starting to work out.

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    1. Great news – Tina has a solo show in New York…. And she actually handled herself well with Nadia. And Alice’s comment that Nadia would scare most women off was actually rather nice as well. I hate people who come and talk about you as if you weren’t there at all. It’s rude.

      Actually, Tina did very well – this offer is rather exciting and I get the feeling that Tina cannot handle a whole lot going on at the same time.

      I feel that she is very hearing sensitive and tries to give equal attention to everything going on around her, when most of us focus on our immediate surroundings and dismiss everything else as background noise. Without a filter to distinguish priority sounds from incidental noises and conversations, her brain simply cannot keep up and thus shuts down to protect itself. To protect herself, simply has to get to a place of less noise. I had a college professor who had that problem once. Needless to say, he would go berserk when the class would make verbal noises when responding to something he would say which disturbed the class. He simply had no filter on noises – someone whispering in the back of the room seemed like someone addressing him directly. Extremely hearing sensitive. I’m not sure what you do about a problem like that, except live a life like Tina is living – away from others in a peaceful environment with someone whom you love dearly. Go to control social gatherings and do the best you can. Unless there is a device which could dampen the sounds of your environment, it would be hard to go to places where there are large groups of people or high noise areas.

      I really like this story. I know that Bette loves her and will do all she can to support her in her endeavors. And I know that Tina will not try to hold Bette back from achieving what she wants to having a happy life as well.

      Thanks for this story….

    2. Good to see a chapter!

      Wow, a solo show at the MoKa in NY! That’s wonderful news for Tina.
      And of course Bette will be there with her and help her with everyting.

      Ugh, Nadia, Tina did the right thing to walk away and Alice was awesome in her comment to Nadia.

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