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    Angel Productions Chapter 23

    Angel Productions


    Chapter 23



    “Bette, where are you? I’ve been trying to reach you all morning.”


    “I’ve been at the warehouse—no reception.  What’s wrong?” 


    “Helena just called me.  She’s been trying to reach you.  Listen—Tina’s in the hospital.  Don’t panic!  Helena has Angelica.  I don’t know what happened—call Helena, OK?”


    Bette felt her heart rate soar.  She hung up on Alice and went through her missed call log on her phone.  Helena had called and left two voice messages—she pressed the number before bothering to listen to her messages. 


    “Hello—Bette?  It’s me, Dylan.  Helena is at hospital with Tina.”

    “What happened? What’s going on?”


    “I’m not sure I quite understand but she was bleeding. She called and asked Helena to watch Angelica and Hels insisted on taking her to the hospital. I’ve got Angie here with the kids.   Can you get there?  It’s Lenox Hill.”

    “Yes, I’m on my way.”  Bette hailed a cab as she talked, “Dylan?  Did Tina ask for me?  I mean, I don’t want to assume…”


    “I don’t know, Bette—Hels was trying to reach you on our house line and finally just called Alice; she  asked me to let you know where they were when you called back. Do you want to call her mobile?  I can give you her number although I’m not sure it will work in the hospital.”


    “No. I’m on my way.” 


    She sat back in the cab, her finger drumming on the armrest.  The driver had picked her up at the warehouse in Astoria and was now fighting traffic across the 59th Street bridge.  Bette breathed deeply to try to calm herself as best she could. 


    Her thoughts went to the last meeting they had with Dr. Jacobson; Tina had told her that she had explained to Angelica who Bette was as best she could, considering Angelica’s age.  They had discussed how to arrange visits and listened as Jacobson made some suggestions.  They had begun to spend time with Angelica together and the plan was to eventually work out a schedule.  Bette was elated yet wary—Tina still seemed aloof and very hesitant about the doctor’s suggestions regarding a custody schedule but Bette felt it was a step in the right direction. She would take whatever Tina offered and not push. Alice had returned to California feeling that she had accomplished what she had set out to do—now it was up to the two of them.

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    1. Thanks for this wonderful update, always great to see a chapter from you. Great to hear that you and yours are safe and warm, take care. Happy that Tina is making preparations towards a better relationship with Bette and also for the children’s sake. Hopefully she will be willing to think of Bette as a part of her life as well. Thanks for taking the time to post.

    2. Thanks for the update and insight into B & T. As for the aftermath of Sandy, sometimes we get too separated and life has a way of getting us back together to see the strength of our connections with one another. Glad you are safe and NJ will be back as strong as ever.

    3. Once a Jersey girl (exit 165) always a Jersey girl. I live in VA now but was so upset and sad to see the devastation to the Jersey Shore, a place I always went as a kid (Seaside) and now still go every summer (LBI)…thanks for continuing this wonderful story…

    4. It’s great to see a post from you on this fascinating story.New Jersey sounds like it is having an unbelievably horrendous time. Hope those poor people get heat and light again soon. We were fortunate to miss most of it up here.

    5. From one Jersey girl to another…Jersey strong…that’s all I have to say, but I know what you mean about the Shore…so sad, but they will recover, they just need to keep their chins up. Great update. Thanks.

    6. Hello LB! :-) So happy to see the update! Glad to hear that you are fine! And now hoping that you can have more time to write and posting without need to wait this long anymore ;-) hehe..

    7. My goodness Linbooks, when I saw Angel Productions in the comment section I jumped for joy thinking there had been another update. Alas and alack, I was mistaken. Hope everything is well with you and family, even though you are always as busy as a one-armed cranberry merchant heres hoping you can get an update to this story. Have always enjoyed your writing and hope you can continue the story. Thanks a bunch. Take care of you and yours. Happy Mothers Day!!!

    8. Ok seriously it has been 7 years.. it’s never to late to come back and finish this great story that I feel just begain.. doors and feelings have just opened up.. please please come back.. thank you for your stories.

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