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    Another Hospital

    “WE are taking you now,” The doctor said.

    Bette kissed Tina’s forehead. Watching her be wheeled away. She took her cell phone and found the number she wanted to call.

    “Bette?” Shane’s voice came down the line

    “Shane, I need to hire a car to drive home can you find me a place I need to drop of the rental car we have and then I need one from here to LA.”

    “What’s going on?”

    “Tina fainted but I think there is more to it, that’s she not been telling me.”

    “Is she okay?”

    “I don’t know to be honest, she’s having some scans now. I’m scared this time, it feels worse.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “She’s weak, it happened in minutes. She’s been having headaches which she’s only just told me about. I know she’s not sleeping again. Shane what if she’s seriously sick?”

    “We will cope like we did when she was ill last time.”

    “She was, is mentally ill, I just…”


    “I keep thinking the worse. She’s my life Shane, my world.”

    “She’s stronger than you think. She loved you, she loves the kids. She isn’t going to let go. She loves you. right I will get you a car, do you need me to do anything else.”

    “We are going to need a couple of motels along the way but we can sort that once the car is sorted.”

    “Why aren’t you flying home?”

    “I don’t think she’s going to be fit to fly. Please Shane,”

    “Okay I’ll call you when I have found something,”

    “Thank you, thank you.” Bette put her phone away and looked out into the night sky as the storm that had been waiting to come over started. All she wanted right now was her wife healthy. Yet she had a horrible feeling there was more to this innocent that before.



    Tina lent back against the pillows, she had return from her scan and she was drained. She slowly opened her eyes and saw that Bette was sleeping beside her in a chair. She knew that Bette wasn’t about to leave her. She reached out and touched Bette’s wedding ring. Bette opened her eyes and took in her wife.

    “Hey,” Tina said softly

    “Hey how are you feeling?”

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