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    Another Hospital

    “Like this is endless and unfair and I’m bored with hospitals, doctors, nurses, people judging me because I’m mentally ill. You know the usual,” Tina smiled softly.

    “I get that. Shane has found us a car we can rent to get home,”

    “that’s going to be one hell of drive, we may as well just fly,”

    “You might not be fit too,”

    “I’m sure they will give me medical clearance to go home, I just want to go home Bette curl up in my bed with you and the kids. Hold you close. I don’t want to fucking be here.” Tina fisted her hand and hit the bed. It was rare that her anger flared in this way.

    “I know baby, I know.”

    “You say that but you don’t. You’ve been through hell with me I know but sometimes…just sometimes I just want to yell at the sky.  This is fucking unfair Bette. we were just getting good again. What the fuck is wrong with me? WHAT THE FUCK?”

    “Tina you have to calm down.”


    “Please baby,”

    Tina turned her head away tears steaming down her face. The door opened and another doctor walked in.

    “Ms Kennard.”

    “Yes,” Tina snapped.

    “We’ve had a requested from your hospital in LA to transfer you there, you’re going to be airlifted there.”


    “We’ve sent your scans there and a member of the team will explain everything.”

    “Why can you explain?”

    “I just can’t, you’ve got two hours, you will be transfer by air. Ms Porter, we would recommend you pack and get your stuff, because you can travel with Ms Kennard.”

    “What’s going on?” Bette asked,

    “It’s not something I can disclose but as soon as you’re settled in LA your usual doctor will talk to you,”

    “You’re scaring me,” Tina said softly.

    “We don’t mean too, please just follow this.”

    Tina nodded. Closing her eyes. Knowing that something must be up for this to be happening. she was suddenly very scared. She could feel her body tensing.




    Tina could smell the ocean air. She had fallen asleep on the plane holding Bette’s hand, she knew they were back in LA and that there had been a lot of hushed tones between the nurses and doctors. She turned her head and looked at Bette, who was sat beside her, watching the doctors and nurses outside of the room.

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