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    Another Hospital

    “I’m sorry,” Tina said softly, she was now hooked up to a number of machines, a new IV and oxygen tube.


    “Yelling at the hospital in Yellowstone. I’m so sorry. I love you.”

    “I love you too, and it was nice to see rage Tina.” Bette smiled softly.

    “Rage Tina needs to stay in her place.” Tina replied. “When is Dr Wilson coming to see me,”

    “Shortly. She said she would be here soon.”

    “Okay, I’m glad to be in LA. But I want to go home,”

    “I know baby, one step at a time okay?”

    “Yeah, did you get my art stuff,”

    “Of course I did babe,” Bette smiled, “I would never leave that behind.”

    Tina nodded as Dr Wilson, two other doctors and a nurse walked in. Dr Wilson was carrying an iPad.

    “Hello Tina how are you feeling?”

    “Confused, scared tried and drained.” Tina said honestly.

    “I can understand that I’ve looked at your x-rays and your scans. We’ve found a tumour,”

    “A tumour?” Tina said looking at Bette she reached out needing her hands. Bette gripped her hands holding her.

    “It’s resting on your skin just under your skull, we need to operate, and we need to do it quickly,”

    “Is it cancer?” Tina asked tears running down her face.

    “We don’t know but we cannot rule it out. we need to remove it test it and then we can go from there, it’s an emergency operation, you’ve got half an hour before we prep you.”

    “Okay, erm…thank you…erm…” Tina was lost. She looked at Dr. Wilson.  “Could my medication be a cause of this,”

    “Why do you ask that Ti?” Bette asked.

    “ I’ve read the side affects of all my medication B,”

    “I wouldn’t expect anything less,”

    “One of the stronger ones I don’t take often has very bad side affects.”

    “It’s not your medication,” Dr Wilson said. “Lets see what’s going on shall we?”


    “Dr Wilson,” Bette said,

    “Yes Bette,”

    “Save her,”

    It was all Bette could say. her worst fears were coming true. Her wife could be seriously ill. This time physically. Tina reached up and kissed her wife’s hand. Bette saw her fear. Saw her pain. This was going to be the hardest few hours and days of their relationship.

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