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    Another Side

    Bette had excused herself from the living room to use the bathroom leaving Tina and Shane alone. Shane was torn, she wanted to know how Bette and Tina knew each other; where they met, how long they’ve been together, why Bette didn’t tell her about Tina. However, she also didn’t want to pry into Bette’s life – there’s probably a reason Bette didn’t tell her she thought. Shane tried to bite her tongue, but the prolonged silence was killing her. Her curiosity gets the better of her. “So… how long have you known Bette?”

    Tina tilts her head to the side as she smiles lightly. “What time is it?”

    Shane looks at her puzzled before pulling out her phone and checking the time. “Geez it’s late… or early; it’s 4:06 AM.”

    Tina looks up as Shane watches her silently count on her fingers before smiling and saying, “About 8 hours.”

    Shane, again confused, “8 hours what?”

    “How long I’ve known Bette, 8 hours.” Tina giggles.

    Shane laughs hysterically before looking back at Tina seriously. “Oh my god! You’re it! You’re the girl! This is unbelievable…”

    Shane trails off as Tina now looks to her confused. “I’m sorry Shane, but what on earth are you talking about?! I’m what girl? What’s unbelievable?”

    Shane hesitates, “Um… I shouldn’t say. Honestly, I shouldn’t have started this conversation. I should respect Bette’s privacy.” Shane cranes her neck to look down the hall to see if Bette’s walking back. When she knows they’re still alone she turns back to Tina. “Listen Tina, I don’t know what happened tonight, why you’re here, and what’s going on between you and Bette; and it’s none of my business – Bette will tell me when she’s ready, but I need you to know that Bette is my best friend. She has helped me through so much, and I would probably be dead if it wasn’t for her.” Shane looks down trying to gather her emotions before continuing. “Look, I know Bette seems like this strong, indestructible woman – and she is strong; one of the strongest women I know, but underneath how she presents herself to the world is a very sensitive woman. She has deep fears and insecurities, especially about relationships. Whatever is happening between you two is new for her; she’s never brought a woman into her home that she was romantically interested in. So, she’ll likely say and do the wrong things at times, but please be patient with her.” Shane hears the rummaging down the hall and knows Bette is going to be entering the room soon, so she wraps up her point. “All this to say, be open and honest with her, don’t string her along. Vulnerability is hard for her; she’ll need your help with that. Don’t hurt her Tina. The way she looks at you – I’ve never seen her look at anyone like that. If you hurt her… I don’t think she’ll survive the betrayal.”

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