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    Another Side

    Feeling rather emotional due to the events of this evening and the information she’s just learned about her new friend; she opens her mouth to respond but before she can Bette enters the room. “Sorry it took so long, I wanted to set up the spare room for you Shane. I put fresh sheets and a comforter on the bed, there’s clean towels in your bathroom, and your favorite bodywash in the shower. If you need extra pillows or blankets you know where they’re kept.”

    Shane stands and hugs her friend firmly before pulling back. “Thanks Bette, I really appreciate this. I promise I’ll only stay a few days.”

    Bette waves her off. “Nonsense. You can stay for as long as you like. Shane, you’re my family.” Bette takes a breath and turns towards Tina holding her hand out. Once Tina takes hold and is standing, Bette wraps her right arm around her waist and Tina melts into her side. Bette turns back to Shane. “Okay, it’s been a very long day and night for all of us. Tina doesn’t have work tomorrow because they wrapped last night so she has a few days off, I’m my own boss so I can choose to stay home tomorrow, and Shane you’re not working tomorrow for obvious reasons. We can talk more in the morning, but I think right now we should all head to bed and sleep – no alarm clocks, no morning obligations.”

    Shane stretches as she begins to walk towards the spare room. “Sounds good to me! I’ll see you crazy kids in the morning.”

    Tina giggles as Bette throws Shane a wink before walking side by side with Tina to the master bedroom. “I like Shane, she’s funny and nice.”

    Bette laughs hysterically. “Oh no! You can’t fall for her charm; she’s slept with more women than I have.”

    Tina and Bette continue to laugh as Bette helps Tina into bed before getting into bed herself. Bette lays so there’s a large gap between her and Tina in an effort to respect her personal space; though she would love nothing more than to wrap her safely in her arms. Bette shifts to turn the light off, but Tina grips her left arm. Bette looks back at her seeing fear and unshed tears in her eyes. “Please, Bette… would you leave the light on. I know the sun will be up soon… but I- “

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