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    Approaching Shane

    Bette knocks on the door to her spare bedroom waiting for Shane to answer. After a few minutes a disheveled Shane comes to the door; her face making clear that she had been crying. Bette takes her face in her hands assessing the bruise left from Tina’s slap. “Are you okay Shane? Tina wasn’t really trying to hurt you. She’s struggling with a lot right now, and her reactions are a bit impulsive.”

    Shane shakes Bette’s gentle tough away. “I’m fine Bette. Don’t worry about me; Tina was right, and I deserve a lot more than what she gave me.”

    Bette shakes her head. “I disagree Shane, but I won’t argue with you. Tina’s reheating dinner in the kitchen. Please, join us?”

    Shane looks down as she shoves her hands in her pockets. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea Bette. Tina’s angry with me, and rightfully so. Maybe I should give her some space. I know she’s going through a lot right now, so I was thinking that I should head home.”

    Before Bette can respond, Tina’s voice is heard from the hall. “No Shane, I don’t want you. You need the safety Bette’s home provides, and I need you to help me understand why you left her. I’m so angry Shane, but I see that you’re probably not the same woman who left Bette to fend for herself in New York. I see the love you have for her, and how protective you are. Just stay and help me understand Shane.”

    Shane wipes a stray tear from her cheek as she nods her head. “I’ll try. Tina, as angry as you are at me for leaving Bette with that monster, I want you to know that it comes no where near the anger I feel for myself. If I could go back, I do it different – I’d have locked her in my apartment until I had Candace trapped in some underground bunker in the middle of Utah so she could waste away alone into nothingness. I’ll try to help you understand what I did, but I don’t expect your forgiveness Tina because I don’t forgive me.”

    In a shocking move, Tina walks forward and embraces Shane. “I know you love her Shane, and I know you regret what you did. My forgiveness may come slowly but I still think you’re a great friend to Bette now.” Tina pulls away to look Shane in the eye. “I just want to understand what you were thinking at the time, but I don’t want you to speak for Alice. I haven’t met her yet and I want to make my own mind up regarding her character and sincerity without influence, and eventually, I want her to explain to me her own thoughts over her past actions – or rather inaction. So, will you join us for dinner?”

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