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    Bette sat writing a lengthy email to the company that provided the nurses that they were currently employing to help with Xavier. She wanted to make sure that the nurses would be okay with Tina being here alone with them. she wanted to explain what they wanted to do. She had decided that Monday to Wednesday she wanted to be at the gallery, Thursday and Friday she would be at home giving Tina time to paint or do whatever and then they would have a ‘normal’ weekend.

    Tina lightly knocked on the door of Bette’s office and poked her head around, Bette looked up as Tina offer a mug of coffee.

    “I brought you this,”

    “Thank you babe,” Bette said taking it and sitting back in her chair.


    “I’m making arrangements with the nursing company for me to return to the gallery.”

    “You’re completely in your element there. You need to be around your clients more.”

    “You and Xavier are still my number priority right now,”

    Tina nodded knowing she couldn’t argue with that at any point. She knew where Bette’s priorities were.

    “I want you to be happy and fulfilled. You’ve worked so hard to get your career to a place where you don’t have to be there but I know you miss being in the middle of it all. You’re a great sales woman and you know it. Porter LA is your baby and you need to be back in the thick of it. You can’t hide here,”

    “You can,” Bette smiled

    “I’ve always hidden from view. You know that baby, I try so had to be social for you,”

    “I know, I feel like I push you too far sometimes,”

    “No, you don’t, we need to put everything in place for you to be able to go back, I know trust may be an issue,”

    “It’s not,” Bette said

    “It is, Bette, I know you’re worries. I hear you on the phone to Kit, you know.”

    Bette looked down.

    “B, don’t be ashamed of that. I get it, okay. I’m mentally ill. My pervious actions will mean that trust is hard, I know that. You know that. We can’t sweep it under the carpet.”

    “I’m not going to,”

    “Good, because even if you call us four, five, six, ten times a day. I want you to return to some sort of normal. I mean B, you’re not used to be so far away from LA all the time. You should enjoy it, go back to work, be work Bette, instead of mom Bette, wife Bette, carer Bette. What was it Shakespeare said. ‘All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts,’ In your case a woman not a man. It’s time for you to be Businesswoman Bette okay?”

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    1. Nice chapter…. Bette is doing the right thing making sure a nurse is present while she is away. Now she has to do something about Alice and provide for the safety of Tina and Xavier.

      Wonder what these text messages are all about….

      Thanks for the chapter…

    2. Texts: Peggy I understand. Shane okay. But why is Alice texting Bette? Why hasn’t her number been blocked? This is not good. Somehow Alice will learn that Bette is in LA and she will be headed for the ranch. Bette not checking is NOT good. Is Shane sending a warning? Tina bringing up Claire seems ominous foreshadowing to me. Is Alice as jealous and unhinged as Claire? Excellent about the nursing staff. Protect that beautiful vulnerable baby!!

            • You know she could go after Bette. If the Claire comparison comes into play she might want to punish Bette for not loving her. Somehow she got into the museum without being on the guest list. Hmmmm.

              • 100% right U R again! Alice has too much (unauthorized) access to them whether by electronic devises or n person.

                Bette should have been hoppin’ mad that Alice showed up at the event. Figure the gallery has video monitoring inside & out, so “how” exactly did she slip in? Bribe/charm a guard? What?

                Let’s see if Bette spends serious time laying out serious plans on workplace protection.

                But as/more importantly, how will Bette her safe-haven out in the beautiful country?

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