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    The White House

    The Oval Office

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette was pacing, as best she could while leaning heavily on her cane. She was in a lot of pain but she didn’t care. She couldn’t’ believe that Helena had done this to her. she had always tried to keep her private life private and now she was the talk of Washington DC because of Helena. Bette stopped and sat on the sofa as the door opened and Clara, her Press Secretary came in.

    “Good Morning Madam President,”

    “Morning Clara. What the hell is happening?”

    “The press are calming down, Jeff and Rosemary have been on the phone,”

    “They should fucking phone Helena,”

    “They did. They would like you to know if you knew,”

    “What does it matter?” Bette said softly. Her anger was starting boil higher.

    “I don’t think it does to us or the world but they seem to want an answer,”

    “Well they can call me themselves.”

    “You don’t speak to them,”

    “They want nothing to do with me Clara, I’m the reason their only child is dead.” Bette replied.

    “How does that logic work?”

    “It doesn’t. I become President and because I was married to Vicky they decided I was the reason she died, not the terrorist group who sent the bomber, or the bomber. Me.”

    Clara nodded softly. It must be a terrible burden for Bette to bare.

    “Do you want to make any further comments on the Helena situation?”

    Bette thought for a moment,

    “No, I seriously don’t. I’m nearly two years since the bombing and I’m starting to pick up the pieces of my private life. Which is to remain private. I need the Tax Reform Bill to go through without the world talking about my sex life or lack of, if you wish,”

    Clara nodded and made some notes.

    “We will bat away the questions and hopefully this will all blow over.”

    “It better had blow over. Get them talking about the Higher Education Bill or even the Tax reform bill, we need to start moving forward not backwards.”

    Clara got the point and left the office. Leaving Bette to her thoughts. Bette rubbed her forehead, it was a habit she had when she was stressed. James walked into her office.

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    1. Gosh I’m loving this story. It has an edge w/The President wanting to leave her private life “private” and the villainess Helena being the antagonist. Tina is gonna be the one to settle score with Helena.

      She isn’t going to know what hit her when Tina’s claws come out to protect “B”. Those claws will be sharpened with the smarts and class of the Good Doctor.

      Hmmmm this might be a story that warrants the involvement to the regal Madamn Peggie Peabody right?

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