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    “Dr Kennard is on line one,” He said officially but he was grinning.

    Bette got up slowly and moved to her desk picking up the phone as she sat herself down in the leather chair.

    “Hello,” She said professionally.

    “Hi B, how are you?”

    Bette smiled at the use of one letter for her name, no one had ever done that and it felt right.

    “Frustrated, to be honest,”

    “I’ve just read the article online. I…I’m sorry it’s come out,”

    “Helena came to see me, I refused to give her a job. I think this is her revenge.”

    “She slept with your wife and you had to give her job, what logic is that?”

    Bette laughed softly.

    “Rich persons logic,”

    “Jesus I am glad I’m normal,”

    “Normal, you’re a yale educated doctor,”

    “I went to Yale on a grant I’ll have you know Madam President. As far as I’m concerned I’m normal,” Tina laughed.

    “Well as you put it like that. Can I see you tonight?”

    “Well I’ve got patients till eight, then I’m free,”

    “That’s fine. I will send a car to your office for eight,”

    “Are you going to feed me?”

    “Well I don’t actually cook but I can ask the kitchen to make us something,”

    “I’d like that B, I’ll see you this evening.”

    “I will see you this evening,”

    They both said their goodbyes and Bette got on with the rest of her day, trying to draw the public and the press towards her Education Bill which she’d been working so hard on. She needed the world to stop talking about her Private life, the last thing she wanted or needed was for Tina to be outed as someone she was dating. She selfishly wanting Tina to herself for a little while longer.


    The White House

    The Private Residency of the President

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette sat on the sofa, her arm around the back of it as her and Tina watched a cheesy movie on one of the many movie channels she had. As the credits started to roll, Tina looked at her watch,

    “Shit B, it’s nearly midnight,”

    “It’s Saturday tomorrow, do you have work?” Bette asked, her fingers playing with the lose strands of Tina ponytail.

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    1. Gosh I’m loving this story. It has an edge w/The President wanting to leave her private life “private” and the villainess Helena being the antagonist. Tina is gonna be the one to settle score with Helena.

      She isn’t going to know what hit her when Tina’s claws come out to protect “B”. Those claws will be sharpened with the smarts and class of the Good Doctor.

      Hmmmm this might be a story that warrants the involvement to the regal Madamn Peggie Peabody right?

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