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    “No, I don’t work weekends, Bette.”

    Bette smiled.

    “Novel idea that,” Bette laughed. “Stay,” Bette whispered the word.

    Tina turned her body to take in Bette, who was wearing a shirt and dress pants. Tina was wearing jeans and t-shirt, she looked relaxed she hadn’t expected that from Bette.


    “Stay, please,” Bette’s voice was soft.

    Tina smiled and moved forward, gently kissing Bette’s lips.

    “I don’t have any overnight clothes,” Tina said as her forehead resting against Bette’s.

    “I’m sure I have some clothes you can borrow,”

    “I don’t have any other excuses.”

    “Are you staying then?”

    “Yes,” Tina whispered. “We don’t have to do anything,”

    “I was thinking of sleeping, breakfast in bed and perhaps see what happens,”

    “Deal” Tina smiled. Before getting up she offered her hand to help Bette up. Bette took it and wrapped her arm around Tina as she picked her cane up an they headed towards the Presidential bedroom.


    The White House

    The Private Residency of the President

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette woke, slowly. Arms were wrapped around her and for the first time in a long time she felt safe and wanted. Her and Tina had made out, before taking a shower each and getting into PJs supplied by Bette.

    Bette rolled over and found Tina watching her.

    “Good Morning,” Bette whispered.

    “Hey, I could get used to this,”

    “What living in the White House?”

    “No B, waking up next to you,”

    Bette smiled before moving forward and kissing Tina. The kiss turned passionate very quickly and Bette rolled on top of Tina, Tina pushed Bette’s shirt up feeling the scars on her back, her fingers traced of them. she felt Bette tense at first but relax when Tina didn’t pull back. She always thought the scarring to her skin would mean no one would want her but Tina was touching them like she didn’t care. Bette’s lips moved to Tina’s neck and she her the little gasps that she made.

    “I’m wet B,”

    “For me?”  Bette asked as she pushed Tina’s shirt up and sat her up slightly to remove it. She looked down at Tina’s perfect breasts as they bounced free.

    “Yes B for you,” Tina moaned as Bette licked her lips while starring at her breasts. Tina felt her nipples harden under the gaze. “You can touch them,”

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    1. Gosh I’m loving this story. It has an edge w/The President wanting to leave her private life “private” and the villainess Helena being the antagonist. Tina is gonna be the one to settle score with Helena.

      She isn’t going to know what hit her when Tina’s claws come out to protect “B”. Those claws will be sharpened with the smarts and class of the Good Doctor.

      Hmmmm this might be a story that warrants the involvement to the regal Madamn Peggie Peabody right?

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