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    Bette smiled at Tina’s permission. She moved her body and took Tina’s nipple into her mouth, listening to Tina moan and she felt Tina’s hand in her hair. Bette wanted more she licked Tina’s stomach before pulling Tina’s shorts off. She wasn’t thinking about the pain she was in, she was thinking about the pleasure she wanted to give. She opened Tina’s legs and caught a first glimpse of her naked sex. Bette kissed her way down to Tina’s clit and sucked it into her mouth.

    “Bette,” Tina moaned as Bette sucked harder on her clit. Tina had never felt this good. Bette gently pushed one finger inside of Tina and she felt Tina’s hips move in time with her. slowly she made love to Tina. gently she pushed a second finger  in.  she could feel Tina’s body reacting to her and the blondes moans filled the room as Bette pushed her fingers in and out and sucked and licked her clit.

    “B, I’m close,” Tina whispered. Before gasping as Bette found her G-spot, “Fuck, yes,” she came hard. Bette gently pulled her fingers out and then licked her fingers and wiped her mouth before kissing her way back up Tina’s body. seeing the red glow that covered her chest and neck. Bette kissed her softly as she came down from the high.

    Tina rolled them over suddenly and Bette groaned as Tina kissed her neck.

    “I want you so bad,”

    “Then let me take you,”

    Moment’s later Bette was naked and with some help from a pillow under one of her knees Tina was between her legs kissing her lips as Tina’s hand slipped between them and pushed her fingers into Bette. Bette threw her head back.

    “Look at me,” Tina whispered and Bette opened her eyes and looked deep into Tina’s eyes as they moved together, Bette let herself go and moaned as she came quickly around Tina’s fingers.

    “Give me five and we can start again,” Bette whispered

    “First we will eat, you will take your pain medication and then we can make love again,” Tina whispered

    “Ever the doctor,”

    “You know it, ever the President,”
    Bette laughed before kissing Tina again. She felt high, sex with Tina felt amazing. She had been scared but this was all she wanted and more. She found herself falling deeper in love with the blonde.

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    1. Gosh I’m loving this story. It has an edge w/The President wanting to leave her private life “private” and the villainess Helena being the antagonist. Tina is gonna be the one to settle score with Helena.

      She isn’t going to know what hit her when Tina’s claws come out to protect “B”. Those claws will be sharpened with the smarts and class of the Good Doctor.

      Hmmmm this might be a story that warrants the involvement to the regal Madamn Peggie Peabody right?

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