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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 12: PHONE S⁎X

    The Hamptons- South Fork county-NY Saturday-evening-dancing place


    Bette was still day-dreaming when her phone rang, it was Kit.

    Bette: “hello, Kit”

    Kit: “hey, baby sis, I watched you and Tina through live private broadcast, how are you feeling?”

    Bette: “a little overwhelmed”

    Kit: “did you both, talk?”

    Bette: “hmm…, something”

    Kit: “something? Since you two ended sang that song until Phyllis announced the tie was like 2 hours, where were you?”

    Bette: (smiling) “I was with her”

    Kit: (serious) “BETTE…!”

    Bette: “we were talking and making peace”

    Kit: “oh my God, you didn’t…, tell me”

    Bette: “Kit, don’t be mad, we talked about ourselves and…, we made peace, I told you”

    Kit: “what do you mean by ‘making peace’?”

    Bette: “…, we’re not going to fight anymore”

    Kit: “Bette, I know you, what happened?”

    Bette: “we talk later, Kit”

    Kit: “okay…, Bette, Tina is a good and sweet girl, she deserves to be happy”

    Bette: “yeah…, I know, and that’s what I intend to do”

    After talking with her sister, Bette feels emptiness, she misses Tina, how she let her slip from her hands, they would be now in her bungalow or perhaps already in her beach house in Long Beach, having the most wonderful night of their lives…, what a waste of time…, she decided to look for the blonde, but this was already gone with her friends. Well there is still a possibility of getting something, she made a phone call and order some flowers, now she just needs to wait in her lodge.

    Later she received a phone call from Manhattan, it was Nadia.

    Bette: “hello, Nadia, how the plan is going?”

    Nadia: “everything goes well”

    Bette: “you know what you have to do and where to get everything?”

    Nadia: “yes, first I have to enter in the central computer and look the way to hack in Kennard’s computer, check in there for any spy-software or for any clue of piracy activity, then I must hack on Aaron’s computer…, but I already told you that perhaps he has the same security system than your father”

    Bette: “we have to try, Nadia”

    Bette: “I know, I know, but what I should probably do is enter in his office and find what we’re looking for…, besides, I think you could have better luck than me”

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    1. Hi proteonomics,

      After reading this amazing chapter, i will forgive you for the late update 😉

      The phone*x was incredible hot and steamy!

      I love that they are connecting to a more mature and deeper level. Both experience feelings they didn’t thought they would feel again after losing their true love ten years ago.

      When will they figure out they are Randy & Alex?

      They have to be careful, the bad guys/woman are still lurking around, ready to destroy everything including their relationship.

      One question, did William catch Nadia and kill her of?

      Loved this chapter very much!!!

      Please post soon!

      • Hi Bibi

        Thank you very much for your nice comment.

        When are they going to find out they are Alex and Randy? With luck in a few chapters.

        If Nadia was killed? You will know in the next chapter.

        Yes, the bad people are lurking around.

        Yes, I will try to post soon, my friend.

        Thank you very much for reading and commenting.


      • Hi SG:

        Yes, this chapter was hidden, I realized it, I hope it won’t happen again, but who knows.

        I will let the girls to have more fun before they start the war.

        Yes, I plan to post more soon.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


      • Hola Escorpion:

        He subido este capitulo solamente porque tu me lo pediste, porque en esta época el resto de las lectoras están más preocupadas en el divorcio que en otro tipo de historias.

        Yo suelo subir capítulos un poquito largos pero no lo hago muy frecuentemente.

        En fin, voy a tratar de subir otro en unos pocos días, vamos a ver como va esto.

        Gracias por tu interes en esta historia y gracias por tu comentario.


    2. Hi Proteonomics,

      Thanks for this sizzling chapter. If they were so hot on the phone, I can’t wait for the real thing. You captured Bette’s flirty sense of humour well. Bette was so funny when she asked Tina the colour of her robe.

      I hope Nadia is safe. I don’t want Aaron and his gang getting the upper hand and finding out that Bette was the one who asked Nadia to hack into his computer. I don’t want Bette and Tina to be harmed.

      • Hi JS:

        I’m waiting for the real thing too. They really need a break from all the madness in the company.

        I hope that Aaron and his accomplices won’t find that Bette is behind Nadia. But for now, who is most exposed is Tina.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


    3. So on Bette’s yacht…..does she have a crew on board to do the sailing or does she sail it herself? Not a good idea to sail a boat and anchor it in open waters and then go to bed with people after Tina and Bette. However, this is an ideal place for Bette and Tina to exchange information on what is going on with the company and synchronize their objectives. Its a great place to get to know one another on all levels.

      I find it hard to believe they both resisted being with each other for a night of passion settling for phone sex instead. I do not understand what Tina’s reasoning is on this. She’s trying to protect Bette by remaining in her room in a suite full of other girl? Great company outing! But, I had been Tina, I would have returned to my room, called Bette and told her to pack and be in the car she sends to pick her up at about 3:00 am and asked her to take them both somewhere away from this outing that was neither of their homes. Perhaps a hotel in downtown New York? I would have then spent the balance of Saturday, all day Sunday and Sunday night alone with Bette. That way I would be able to be some position to disclose what I felt appropriate that I knew and be someplace safe. Tina is would have then hung out with her friends on Saturday and simply disappeared on Sunday and appeared at work as normal on Monday.

      Tina, although she enjoys being with her friends, but her desire to be with Bette is becoming a central tenant of her life. And Tina has been Bette’s central focus for several months. And I for one, am glad to see these two get together. Its hard to build a relationship when you are apart.

      Glad to have found this chapter…..look forward to seeing more and soon. Thank you

      • Hi Martha:

        I know that everybody is asking what is holding Bette and Tina from succumbing into each other’s charm; my answer: their past. For Bette is hard to give her heart again after what she believed it was Randy treason with a boy, it was her first love and deep down she is still doubting if her falling for Tina would be because she reminds her to Randy. For Tina also, Alex is an obstacle in her feelings for Bette. They will still be rambling their feelings around each other, but very soon they’ll find out who is who.

        Well, they are not in open waters, they are in the Shinnecock Bay, not very far from the fire island. I really loved that place when I lived in NY. and Aaron and his ruffians don’t know where the girls are.

        Yes, if I were Bette, I wouldn’t ask, I would show at the door looking for Tina, no matter who was in the common suite.

        And yes, Bette is in Tina’s main interest, I think she is already in love with Bette.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


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