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    Back to work

    The White House

    The Oval Office

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Tina had ensured that Bette had a new office chair one that would help her sit better, which would put less pressure on her spine. Bette was grateful for it as her first full day back had been busy. She was reading a crime report when the door opened and James walked in,

    “I’m on instructions from a Dr Kennard,” James said as he put a bottle of water and some tablets in a small cup,

    “Would that be the same Doctor Kennard I’m going to marry,” Bette said, taking the pills without being asked. She’d made a promise to Tina that she was going to look after herself. Tina had made it very clear that she wanted the best version of Bette and Bette wanted to give her that.

    “The very same, she gave me a full little booklet thing on when you need meds and what time you need them,”

    “She’s very organised that woman,” Bette laughed.

    “She is, it’s even colour coded.” James said making a joke.

    “She knows you like bright coloured things,”

    “She knows me well,” James replied. “You’re to go home at six thirty.”

    “Am I now?”

    “Yeah but that’s from Dr Baker.”

    “Did you hear about how she spoke to Tina?”


    “She told her she has no rights to travel with me,”

    “She was always close to Victoria.” James said, implying that something more than friendship had been involved, but as he had not evidence he couldn’t say it out loud.

    “She was wasn’t she?”

    “Yeah, have you changed the records so Tina is your next of kin?”

    “yeah I did it this morning with Ben,”


    “James, if I ever hear anyone talking to Tina the way Baker did they will lose their jobs,”

    “Do you want me to put feelers out for a new doctor?”

    “Yes please, I need someone who respects me and Tina,”

    “I get that,”

    “Is Tina at home?”

    “She sure is, she’s been doing paperwork I believe.”

    “She has a lot of it to do, she single handily runs her surgery,”

    “She’s a good woman, and she’s doing you the world of good,”

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    1. Tina is so good for The President and not shy in showing she deeply loves her.
      I wonder why Bette stayed married with a woman who clearly cheated on her with different women and didn’t show her much or any love.

      Very good that Bette changed her papers and that Tina is now her next of skin. Please let Ben find Bette a new trustworthy doctor.

      Great story!

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