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    Back to work

    “Thank you James, she’s making my whole life better, this situation is awful. I am scared people are going to view me differently,”

    “Because you have to use a cane and a wheelchair, Ma’am you are the strongest woman I know. Everyone knows what happened to you two years ago has changed you completely you’re body doesn’t define who you are. “

    “Have you been taking lessons from Tina?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “She has said the same thing.”

    “She’s a clever woman your woman,”

    “I hope so, she’s got a PHD.”

    “She’s different,” James said slowly

    “To Victoria?”


    “She is, she’s a unique woman,” Bette shook herself. “Right I’ve got a meeting in five minutes, and I need to eat shortly James can you get me a sandwich?”

    “Sure can,” James smiled as Bette returned to her Presidential self. “Any sandwich?”

    “Chicken salad would be good,”

    “That can be arranged, do you need anything else?”

    “No thank you James,”

    Bette decided to get on with some work she had a lot to do before the end of her day. As she was signing some memos, Ben walked in,

    “Madam President how is your day going?”

    “Good thank you Ben, how is yours?”

    “Good, we have got some polling figures in and they are very positive.”

    “Towards the VP?” Bette asked, as she knew that he was very poplar.

    “No towards you, you and your private life and the fact that you have shown a very human side to the President.”

    “I am human,” Bette replied sitting back in her comfortable chair.

    “Very much so, you’ve shown the public a very affectionate and loving side with Tina. The picture you have realised have always been you two touching in someway that was very different with Victoria,”

    “Victoria wasn’t into physical affection in public. She wasn’t that affection in private, Tina naturally likes to touch. Is that good for me?” Bette said slowly

    “You’re 12 points ahead in the polls you’re doing great. Next year is election year and you’re work load will double. Have you thought about that?”

    “I’m running for a second term, we’ve still go so much to do. I want to make as much positive change as possible.”

    “Have to you spoken to Tina about running for another term,”

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    1. Tina is so good for The President and not shy in showing she deeply loves her.
      I wonder why Bette stayed married with a woman who clearly cheated on her with different women and didn’t show her much or any love.

      Very good that Bette changed her papers and that Tina is now her next of skin. Please let Ben find Bette a new trustworthy doctor.

      Great story!

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