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    Back to work

    “Yes, she believes I should run. She wants me to do as much good as I can possibly do in office. I can’t let terrorist who have left me with a weak spine and almost using a wheelchair full time put me down. I just want to make my mark,”

    “You have done with the Education Act,”

    “I know but there is so much more to be done Ben, are you trying to talk me out of running again?”

    “No I want to make sure you are,”

    “I am,”

    “Well you know I serve at the pleasure of the President,”

    “Good, you can let it be known I’m running again,”

    “I will.”

    Bette slowly got up and reached for her cane, She slowly walked towards the far end of her office, Ben saw she wasn’t moving the same. He knew there was a lot of damage and that the surgery had made it worse. She had to walk up and down for a few minutes.

    “Are you okay?” He asked softly

    “Yes, I just need to move around a bit. Tina will tell me off if I sit down too long,”

    “She’s a good egg your doctor,”

    “She is,” Bette smiled.


    Press Article.

    Online New source



    President Elizabeth Porter has attended the Washington Gala for a children’s charity. It’s the first time the President has been seen in public since her surgery, she was using a wheelchair for some of the evening however was pictured standing with her domestic partner, Dr Tina Kennard.

    It is understood that the President isn’t able to stand for long periods and she is now unable to do long walks.

    The couple looked stunning together.

    Jackson Parker, the Gala’s organiser said, “It is our pleasure to welcome the President and Dr Kennard to our gala. She brings a unique air to the even. Some of the children we look after are disabled and they see the President who is learning to live with her own disability as a positive person in their lives. It’s important for them to have role models like the President.”

    Dr Kennard was seen with the President and was happy to talk everyone at the gala. One party goer said ‘its strange, she’s younger than the President, yet she holds her own very well. She’s very in love with the President and their affection is lovely too, its so different from when she was married to the First Lady.”


    The White House

    The Private Residency of the President

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette sat on the edge of the bed, slowly removing her clothes. The gala had taken it out of her and she was now needing to rest. She looked up as Tina walked in, she had removed her boots and was starting to remove her jacket as she came into the room.

    “Are you okay Babe?” Tina asked as she threw her jacket onto the chair beside the bed.

    “Yeah, you were wonderful tonight,” Bette said softly.

    “Me, I just talked to people, gave some medical advice, looked at my hot lover. you know just a normal evening really,” Tina smiled as she started to unbutton her shirt,

    “You have a hot lover? You need to introduce me to her,”

    “I think you might know her,” Tina laughed as she moved towards Bette, she gently pushed her hair out of her face, her fingers getting lost in the dark locks. She moved forward and gently kissed her.

    “May I take you to bed?” Bette asked softly,

    Tina laughed

    “You never, ever need to ask.”

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    1. Tina is so good for The President and not shy in showing she deeply loves her.
      I wonder why Bette stayed married with a woman who clearly cheated on her with different women and didn’t show her much or any love.

      Very good that Bette changed her papers and that Tina is now her next of skin. Please let Ben find Bette a new trustworthy doctor.

      Great story!

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