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    Back to Work

    It has been two weeks since Tina has come home. She’s in the kitchen cooking breakfast for her Beloved and Shane. Today will be Tina’s first day back to work, and through a series of phone calls over the past two weeks it will also be Shane’s first day of work at the studio.

    “Hm… smells good.” Bette croons softly in Tina’s ear while wrapping her arms around the blonde’s waist from behind.

    Tina giggles. “There just eggs babe.”

    “I wasn’t talking about the food; I was talking about you.”

    Bette playfully bites Tina’s ear before pulling away to set the breakfast bar with plates and fill mugs for coffee. Bette and Tina had become even more physically affectionate and exploratory with one another over the past two weeks, but they had yet to make love. Bette was more than happy to wait for Tina to be comfortable before taking that next step. Little did she know Tina was bursting at the seams to feel and be felt by Bette in the most sacred of places.

    Tina is pulled from her lust filled thoughts by Shane’s entrance. “Morning guys. How do you think I look for my first day at the studio?”

    Shane is wearing a pair of black slacks with a button up white shirt – buttoned to her sternum – and a black vest open on top.

    “You look great Shane. You’ll be getting setup on payroll, signing your contract, and getting a tour of the studio and lots today. So, what you’re wearing is perfect. After today, you’ll be setup in the make-up trailer, so you can dress more comfortable if you like.”

    “Cool. Listen Tina, thanks again for this opportunity. You have no idea how much you’re helping me out.”

    “No problem; that’s what friends are for.”

    “Yes, this was really awesome of Tina to help you out, and you won’t fuck it up for yourself or her reputation by sleeping with anyone – crew, cast, or production team – and cause the typical Shane withdrawal meltdown.” Bette says seriously.

    “I know Bette, I know. I’m not going to fuck this up.” Shane looks to Tina. “Seriously, Tina, I’m not going to do anything to make you look bad or fuck with the energy on your set. I’m beyond thankful for this job and the opportunity to rebuild my own reputation. I’m taking this seriously, I swear.”

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    1. Wonderful chapter!

      I love Peggy! And now she is in your story!

      Tina has always worked hard and this is a fantastic reward and recognation for that, running the studio!

      And Bette, so happy and supportive of Tina, they are a beautiful couple and deserve the happiness.

      Thank you for the update!

      • Peggy is definitely a favorite of mine, and I thought it would be great for Tina to get such a treat from this woman – I was excited to weave her into the story.

        Thanks for reading! :-)

    2. What a surprise…. head of the studio and Peggy Peabody is her boss!

      Lovely morning… last day for Shane as a guest… things are building….

      Thanks for this chapter, cannot wait for what happens next….

    3. Like Peggy being a owner that understands that Tina will need a safe “workplace” in order to excel as “boss”. Removing the threats of harassment and rape so that everyone is given the fullest chance to produce the best films possible will be like pure gold for all the employees. ????

      Have to believe that without the worry and fear Tina will begin to take braver steps toward Bette and the relationship of trust emotionally, spiritually and physically. Bette will need to let Tina lead in most of their love making and sexual expression. I would think that a really aggressive Bette would be hard for Tina to accept at this point. ????

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