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    Back to Work

    Bette relaxes and throws her arm around Shane’s shoulders. “We know you are Shane; I just don’t want to see anything happen to you or Tina. Things have really calmed down and your going back home today. Not that I don’t love having you here, but I don’t want another situation to pop up where it’s dangerous for you to be alone. I’m sure you’ll see a lot of sweet young thangs you’d like to get your hands on; I’m just asking you to engage your head before you act.”

    Shane looks to Bette with a raised eyebrow and smirk.

    “You know what I mean!” Bette says with a chuckle and playful punch.

    “Okay guys. I’m going to finish getting ready. Eat up – we’ll head out in about 15 minutes Shane.”

    Tina turns to Bette and pulls her close.

    “I know you have to run Baby. Please eat some breakfast quick or grab a yogurt or something – I don’t want you to live on coffee today. I’ll call you midday and let you know how things are going. I love you Baby.”

    Tina caresses Bette’s bottom lip with her thumb as she professes her love. Losing awareness to anything other than the proximity of Tina’s body to her own, Bette darts her tongue out of her mouth, licking Tina’s thumb before sucking it. Tina brings her lips to Bette’s, replacing her thumb with her own tongue inside the delicious mouth of one B. Porter. Their passion ignites as Bette runs her hands down Tina’s shoulders to her ass, pulling her body in tight to her own. Bette brings a leg between Tina’s, causing her to illicit a moan once she feels the sweetest of pressure placed on her clit. Tina raises her hands to tangle in Bette’s hair just as the sound of Shane clearing her throat dashes cold water on the erotic scene unfolding.

    “Well, I guess that’s just another reason why today is the perfect day for me to go back home.” Shane says jokingly before sitting at the breakfast bar to eat.

    Bette clears her own throat while trying to shake the arousal from her mind and body. “Eh, sorry Shane. We just… yeah. Um, have a good day Baby. I look forward to your call.”

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    1. Wonderful chapter!

      I love Peggy! And now she is in your story!

      Tina has always worked hard and this is a fantastic reward and recognation for that, running the studio!

      And Bette, so happy and supportive of Tina, they are a beautiful couple and deserve the happiness.

      Thank you for the update!

      • Peggy is definitely a favorite of mine, and I thought it would be great for Tina to get such a treat from this woman – I was excited to weave her into the story.

        Thanks for reading! :-)

    2. What a surprise…. head of the studio and Peggy Peabody is her boss!

      Lovely morning… last day for Shane as a guest… things are building….

      Thanks for this chapter, cannot wait for what happens next….

    3. Like Peggy being a owner that understands that Tina will need a safe “workplace” in order to excel as “boss”. Removing the threats of harassment and rape so that everyone is given the fullest chance to produce the best films possible will be like pure gold for all the employees. ????

      Have to believe that without the worry and fear Tina will begin to take braver steps toward Bette and the relationship of trust emotionally, spiritually and physically. Bette will need to let Tina lead in most of their love making and sexual expression. I would think that a really aggressive Bette would be hard for Tina to accept at this point. ????

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