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    Back to Work

    Tina giggles before giving Bette a peck and retreating quickly from the room. “See ya Babe.” She yells from down the hall.

    Shane smirks at her friend. Bette pushes her playfully on the shoulder. “Not a word. I’ll see you later.” With that, Bette grabs an apple, coffee, and her briefcase before dashing out the door.



    Tina enters her office with a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered from Bette that her assistant handed her on her way in after dropping Shane at HR. As she is contemplating calling Bette to thank her for the sweet welcome back gesture, she looks up and is shocked to find an older woman sitting at her desk.

    “Tina! Hello dear, what an exquisite display of flowers.”

    Tina is confused and slightly uncomfortable by the surprise presence. “Forgive me, but who are you and what are you doing in my office.”

    “Ah yes, you’ll have to forgive me. I know you’ve been out of the loop for a while.” The woman stands from the chair and walks over to Tina, extending her hand. “I’m Peggy Peabody, your new boss.”

    Tina looks at Peggy bewildered. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Ms. Peabody. I’ve heard great things about you from my partner, but I’m confused – you’re running the studio?”

    “Oh really? Now why would your partner be telling you such great things about me?”

    “My partner, Bette Porter, thinks very highly of you, and says that you’ve been a great support to her career.”

    Peggy brightens up. “You’re with Bette Porter? Well, how wonderful! This just shows me further that this was a great decision, and surely explains the lavish bouquet.” She says with a wink.

    Tina blushes as she walks to her desk and sets the vase down before turning back to Peggy. “What was a great decision?”

    “Come sit. We have a lot to talk about.”

    Tina moves to the couch and Peggy sits in the chair facing her.

    “To answer your query: no, I am not running the studio – I just now co-own it – you’ll be running the studio formerly known as Alphaville now known as Peabody Shaolin Studios.”

    Tina sits back lost in her thoughts. “Um… this is not what I was expecting on my first day back.”

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    1. Wonderful chapter!

      I love Peggy! And now she is in your story!

      Tina has always worked hard and this is a fantastic reward and recognation for that, running the studio!

      And Bette, so happy and supportive of Tina, they are a beautiful couple and deserve the happiness.

      Thank you for the update!

      • Peggy is definitely a favorite of mine, and I thought it would be great for Tina to get such a treat from this woman – I was excited to weave her into the story.

        Thanks for reading! :-)

    2. What a surprise…. head of the studio and Peggy Peabody is her boss!

      Lovely morning… last day for Shane as a guest… things are building….

      Thanks for this chapter, cannot wait for what happens next….

    3. Like Peggy being a owner that understands that Tina will need a safe “workplace” in order to excel as “boss”. Removing the threats of harassment and rape so that everyone is given the fullest chance to produce the best films possible will be like pure gold for all the employees. ????

      Have to believe that without the worry and fear Tina will begin to take braver steps toward Bette and the relationship of trust emotionally, spiritually and physically. Bette will need to let Tina lead in most of their love making and sexual expression. I would think that a really aggressive Bette would be hard for Tina to accept at this point. ????

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