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    Back to Work

    Peggy moves to sit beside Tina and grabs her hand.

    “Listen dear, I’m not the warmest or most affectionate person, but I want to level with you. The brutal assault you suffered at the hands of your boss was made public – not the details but the outline.”

    Tina stiffens but continues to listen.

    “Anyway, I had been contemplating dipping my toes into film development but wasn’t sure where to start. When I heard news of what happened, well dear”

    Peggy says patting Tina’s hand before standing up.

    “I knew instantly what I wanted to do.”

    Peggy walks to the opposite side of the room to pour herself a drink while continuing to give Tina backstory.

    “While you were off recovering, I was able to utilize that time to go over the books, finalize my purchase, clean house, and plan for the future.”

    Peggy walks back to Tina, resuming her seat in the chair across from her.

    “Originally, my thought was to have my daughter Helena run the studio – you know, keep her busy – but, well, she continues to prove herself irresponsible. So, after asking around and doing my own homework, I easily concluded that you were the best candidate for the job.”

    Tina sits still, stunned. “I don’t know what to say Ms. Peabody–”

    “Please dear, call me Peggy.”

    “Of course, Peggy. Um, this is incredible… I don’t know how to wrap my head around this.”

    Peggy smiles knowingly. “I did a lot of asking around as well as my own snooping, and it’s clear that you were practically doing this job already without any of the perks. So, I’m confident that the company is in good hands.”

    Peggy gets up and walks to Tina’s desk where she picks up a large envelope containing legal documents.

    “I’ve already drawn up a preliminary contract outlining your pay scale, bonuses, and responsibilities. You should read it over with your lawyer and we can negotiate on Wednesday. Though, knowing Bette Porter, I’m sure she’ll want to negotiate on your behalf. Today you can take the time to move your office; there’s quite a few clear now so you can have your pick. Next week, you and I will go through the candidates I’ve lined up for your previous position and the other positions that I vacated after taking over.”

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    1. Wonderful chapter!

      I love Peggy! And now she is in your story!

      Tina has always worked hard and this is a fantastic reward and recognation for that, running the studio!

      And Bette, so happy and supportive of Tina, they are a beautiful couple and deserve the happiness.

      Thank you for the update!

      • Peggy is definitely a favorite of mine, and I thought it would be great for Tina to get such a treat from this woman – I was excited to weave her into the story.

        Thanks for reading! :-)

    2. What a surprise…. head of the studio and Peggy Peabody is her boss!

      Lovely morning… last day for Shane as a guest… things are building….

      Thanks for this chapter, cannot wait for what happens next….

    3. Like Peggy being a owner that understands that Tina will need a safe “workplace” in order to excel as “boss”. Removing the threats of harassment and rape so that everyone is given the fullest chance to produce the best films possible will be like pure gold for all the employees. ????

      Have to believe that without the worry and fear Tina will begin to take braver steps toward Bette and the relationship of trust emotionally, spiritually and physically. Bette will need to let Tina lead in most of their love making and sexual expression. I would think that a really aggressive Bette would be hard for Tina to accept at this point. ????

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