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    Back to Work

    Tina sits dumbfounded. “I’m truly speechless Peggy. I never thought…”

    Tears begin to well in her eyes as her voice cracks.

    “I never thought that attack would lead to such wonderful outcomes. That terrible night led me to my soulmate… and now it has brought about my long-sought dream of running a studio. Thank you, Peggy.”

    Peggy can hear the sincerity in Tina’s voice, and can see the disbelief in her eyes. She holds Tina’s gaze as she speaks.

    “You didn’t deserve what happened to you, but you do deserve love and you do deserve this – of that I’m sure.”

    Peggy puts the documents down on the coffee table in front of Tina before picking up her drink.

    “Now, enough of this.”

    Peggy begins to stroll towards the door.

    “Let’s go find you a better office.”



    Tina is just pulling into the driveway after a whirlwind day. She called Bette around lunchtime to share her unbelievable news. Tina is filled with love and joy over the happiness and support Bette expressed for her during the call. Unfortunately, with Bette’s exhibit just a few weeks away, she couldn’t meet for lunch. So, Tina is anxious to finally be able to share this news in further detail with her Love.

    Tina parks her car – surprised that Bette’s was already there. She makes her way to the front door, pulling out her key, and letting herself into their shared home. As soon as she opens the door, she drops her bag and keys with tears pricking her eyes at the sight.

    “Congratulations Baby!” Bette is standing in the middle of the room surrounded by lit candles and what appears to be hundreds of flowers. She moves toward the emotional blonde with two glasses of expensive champagne.

    “Bette… what… I…”

    Tina is overwhelmed and unable to form words. Bette hands Tina the glass in her left hand before snaking the now empty hand around her neck, her fingers tickling the hair at the nape. She moves her face forward while simultaneously pulling Tina to her until their lips meet in the most tender of kisses. Bette pulls back looking sweetly at Tina.

    “I’m so proud of you my Beloved. You’re amazing Tina and you deserve everything that Peggy is giving you – you’ve earned this and so much more.”

    Bette gives Tina a few moments to gather her emotions before bending down to pick up the things she dropped. She shuts and locks the front door before taking her hand and leading her towards the dining room.

    “Come Baby; I’ve made you dinner and dessert. I want to hear all about today and the offer that Peggy gave you.”

    Tina follows closely behind Bette, their hands still clasped together. Her smile widens as she drinks in the events of the day feeling more of the scars on her heart healing as her love and safety with Bette grows more by each passing minute.

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    1. Wonderful chapter!

      I love Peggy! And now she is in your story!

      Tina has always worked hard and this is a fantastic reward and recognation for that, running the studio!

      And Bette, so happy and supportive of Tina, they are a beautiful couple and deserve the happiness.

      Thank you for the update!

      • Peggy is definitely a favorite of mine, and I thought it would be great for Tina to get such a treat from this woman – I was excited to weave her into the story.

        Thanks for reading! :-)

    2. What a surprise…. head of the studio and Peggy Peabody is her boss!

      Lovely morning… last day for Shane as a guest… things are building….

      Thanks for this chapter, cannot wait for what happens next….

    3. Like Peggy being a owner that understands that Tina will need a safe “workplace” in order to excel as “boss”. Removing the threats of harassment and rape so that everyone is given the fullest chance to produce the best films possible will be like pure gold for all the employees. ????

      Have to believe that without the worry and fear Tina will begin to take braver steps toward Bette and the relationship of trust emotionally, spiritually and physically. Bette will need to let Tina lead in most of their love making and sexual expression. I would think that a really aggressive Bette would be hard for Tina to accept at this point. ????

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