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    Bette Sulks

    “Hey Bette, how ya feeling?” Shane walks through the back gate of Bette’s home and notices her complex friend sitting on a lounger drinking a beer while being surrounded by several empty beer bottles.

    Bette sips from her beer and answers without turning her gaze from the horizon in front of her. “I’m fine, Shane. Don’t worry about it.” Shane walks over to Bette and swipes a fresh beer from the box before laying back on the lounger beside Bette. They sit several minutes in silence before Bette speaks again. “She told me to leave and doesn’t want to talk to me until Saturday.”

    Shane doesn’t move to look at Bette or reach out to her knowing she has to appear as detached as possible to keep Bette talking. “Why?”

    Bette laughs mirthlessly. “I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out the answer to that question myself for the past…” Bette stops to look at her watch. “5 hours. I thought she wanted to move in with me, but when I told her I moved her clothes in here and started packing her apartment, she just flipped out. Maybe I’m moving too fast… maybe she doesn’t really love me and think we’re soulmates. She’s experienced so much trauma… maybe with all this intensive therapy she’s realizes that she never really fell in love with me on that bridge; that I just made her feel safe and comforted and that’s not really the same.”

    Bette wipes a stray tear as she takes a large drink of her beer. Meanwhile, Shane plays with the label on her beer bottle while trying to bite back a smirk. “Ah, Bette?”

    “Yeah, Shane.”

    “Where’d you go to school again? I mean, it was fancy, and you got a couple of degrees from them, right?”

    Bette frowns at Shane. “You know damn well I went to Yale and got my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree there.” Bette takes a swig of her beer while muttering to herself, “Honestly, you try to confide in someone, and they can’t even stay focused…” Shane can no longer contain herself and busts out laughing. “Really? My heartbreak amuses you. Fuck you Shane!”

    Bette slams her beer on the table before getting up in a huff to stomp off. Shane catches her hand before she moves too far. “I’m sorry Bette.” When she looks back at Shane, she can see the tears in Bette’s eyes and immediately regrets her joke. She pulls her to sit down beside her. “I’m sorry Bette, really. I think I have an idea why Tina may be mad at you, and I was just trying to lighten the mood before telling you by suggesting that even with all of your Ivy League education you’re still not smarter than me.”

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    1. Perfect!!! Shane gave the perfect response. Bette accepted because she knew it was true. Shane is a good friend to have. Now let’s see what happens after Tina contemplates what happened. She needs to understand that her response may have been just as over the top as Bette’s actions.

      Great chapter…. thank you. Love to have more… Thankyou – be safe.

    2. I love their bond. Bette did overstep, but she isn’t a mindreader. Tina will have to communicate with her and let her in on why she was triggered. Bette needs to be reassured that Tina won’t just abandon their relationship when Tina is going through something or feels frustrated with her.

    3. So glad to see this story come back. I agree with all the comments above. Shane killing it with the advice and so typical of Bette to rush in and solve everything in a misguided attempt to be helpful. Wish Tina would talk out her feelings instead of cutting her off and making her wait but I get that she is fragile too. Looking forward to the next chapter!

      • Thank you for reading BK! I have been offline for a bit, but have just read all your updates since my last login. Your story is far and away my favorite current story; your writing is inspiring! Even if I don’t comment, I promise I’m reading – I could never stay away! ;-)

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