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    Bette’s Apartment.

    Bette unlocked the door to her luxury apartment that overlooked Central Park. She moved out of the way and allowed Tina to enter. Tina walked in and listened to the door click behind her as Bette gently closed the door. Bette walked around and took Tina into the living room, Bette turned the lights on and Tina looked around at the expensive sofa, the book lined walls, the large TV. She was trembling.

    Bette smiled. She dropped her purse down onto the sofa and stood in front of Tina. She gently reached out and pushed Tina’s hair out of her face that had fallen in front of her eyes. She ran her finger down Tina’s face, watching her gasp. Bette stepped into her personal space and lifted her finger under her chin. Making Tina look up at her. she slowly moved forward and captured Tina’s soft lips. The kiss was passionate. Tina moaned.

    Bette gently pulled away. Tina’s eyes were still closed. She was just taking in the moment.

    “If you want to stop at any time, say Red. If you need to slow down say Yellow and if you are fine just say green.” Bette whispered. “Is there anything you don’t want to do,”

    “I don’t know what I like and what I don’t like,” Tina admitted, her eyes slowly opening as she looked at Bette, who was removing her jacket.

    Bette threw her jacket over the back of her armchair and looked at Tina. She licked her lips. Looking at the blonde she had brought home. She could see that Tina was breathing hard. She took her in. she had dressed to impress. She had gone to that club to be picked up.

    “Did you dress like this to be picked up in the club?” Bette asked,

    “I…” Tina couldn’t speak, her body was shaking.

    “Did you dress like a submissive to get a domme like me all worked up and she would bring you home?”

    “Yes,” Tina’s eyes closed, she started blushing.

    Bette looked at her. she walked over and twisted her fingers into Tina’s blonde hair pulling Tina’s head back, listening moan with both pain and pleasure. Bette licked her neck.

    “When I saw you in Central Park I wanted you. Now I’ve got you, I’ve seen you running a few times, today was the first time I winked at you.”

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