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    Bette’s Wants

    Tina was working with her head down, she was working on the final piece for Peggy. It had taken her  a month to do the set. Each picture was full of detail and she had made sure to frame the photograph and the drawing together. She had also done something that Bette found very clever she had drawn Peggy into each way of the pictures. She was in the window of each skyline and she was wondering how long it would take Peggy to see it.

    Bette walked in, she had just arrived home. She had checked on Xavier and sent the nurse home. She now came out. She grinned at her wife.


    “Yeah nearly, did you have a good day babe?” Tina asked as she finished the last bit and put it beside the photo as they would need to scan that last one.

    Bette smiled, she’d been for a check up today with her doctor, just a regularly medical to ensure that her insurance was valid, she’d had a long chat with her doctor and had decided it was time for her to ask for something she wanted. Her life was finally settling. She felt like her doctor had told her enough.

    “It was good, quiet at the gallery.” Bette smiled.

    Tina could read that something else was on her wife’s mind,

    “Wanna talk about it?”

    “What?” Bette asked, cocking her head to one side to look at her wife.

    “Something is on your mind babe?”

    “A lot of things, shall we go in,”

    “Let me shut down the studio, why don’t you get changed,”


    Bette turned and walked back towards the house, her mind was racing with so many thoughts. She was coming to many conclusions. She was starting to ask herself the right questions.

    Tina smiled softly, before closing the studio up for the evening, making sure everything was in place fo the morning. She locked the place down and walked towards the house. Heading into the kitchen she started to put together a meal for her and Bette. Nothing special just a light salad with some warm chicken and home made dressing that she had made the day before.

    Bette walked down the stairs in jeans and tank top her hair pulled back, while Tina had been closing up Bette had decided to have a shower. She hoped it would put her thoughts into order.

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    1. Hey UK,

      Great chapter & we finally get to something for Bette!! Yes, she’s right – her galleries do run themselves & she is not needed as much as she was in the beginning when they were all starting up.

      Hopefully, this will be a good addition to their family & Tina will be able to handle the pressure of Bette being pregnant & having to be the strong partner for a while.

      Let the trying to get pregnant & romance begin!!

      Great job & thanks!!!

    2. Wow, this is a surprise…. Bette wants to experience pregnancy and be the birth mother of their second child…. Wow.
      Well, this is going to be an interesting story line. Cannot wait until we see where you take this one…..

      Thanks for the chapter…..

    3. Bette wants to carry their next child, wow, unexpected but truly awesome! She is a great mother and it would be so good to see her pregnant. Tina fully support it! Let’s make a baby!

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