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    Birthday in the suite

    Tina opened her eyes, her body shaking in pleasure as she felt Bette’s tongue over her clit she tried to move and released she was strapped to the bed, she wrapped her hands around the leather straps that were holding her hands in place. She moaned as Bette kissed her moan and licked her stomach, moving up and taking her nipple into mouth, biting and sucking on it before moving to the other. She kissed her wife’s neck, before looking at her.

    Tina looked at her wife, smiling.

    “happy birthday my love,” Bette whispered.

    “Thank you, you’ve strapped me now,” Tina said softly. she was breathing hard. her hips moving she wanted to come.

    “Today is all about you, I’m going to give you so much pleasure. You don’t have to ask to come, but I’m still in charge. I want today to be about you.”

    “Did you bring our toys?”

    “I brought enough with me, trust me,”

    “I do,”

    “I’m going to untie you, I don’t want the bell boy seeing you like this. we are going to have breakfast, I’ve already ordered it. I need you to have as much strength as possible.”  Tina grinned, “plus I want give you your presents,”

    “More than one,”

    “Yes, more than one” Tina smiled as Bette removed the straps from her wrist and put them under the pillow before she got a robe and held it for Tina to put on. Bette put her own robe on and took Tina to the table where three presents were waiting. Tina looked at her and smiled as Bette poured them both a glass of OJ, the coffee was coming with breakfast, Tina looked at the presents.

    “You can open them,” Bette smiled.

    Tina excitedly opened the first one which was a new iPad. She grinned.

    “Thank you,”

    “I know your other one stopped working,”

    “You’re too good to me,”

    “You’re my wife I’m always going to be good to you.” Bette grinned.

    Tina opened the other presents one was a book she had wanted and the other was gift card for a clothing store she enjoyed.

    Their breakfast arrived and they enjoyed it together. laughing and talking. Enjoying each others company as they eat together, Tina not caring that he robe had opened and revealed her naked breasts.

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