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    Birthday Party

    Tina slowly stands up from her chair and Taylor smiles proudly as she motions towards Jenny.

    Taylor: Well. I did it, I dropped Benny both romantically and professionally and got myself a real agent.

    Tina: Yes…. I see that

    Tina walks from behind her desk and she and Jenny awkwardly embrace.

    Tina: Wow…. it’s been so long. How are you?

    Jenny: I’m well…

    Jenny looks around Tina’s plush office.

    Jenny: No need to ask you that question.

    Tina leans against her desk.

    Tina: I didn’t even know you were in the film business or in L.A. for that matter.

    Jenny: Well I only recently returned to Los Angeles. I was living in Atlanta for a while. Made quite a name for myself out there, decided it was time to move back west.

    Tina:(smiles) Nice.

    Tina walks back to her desk and sits down.

    Tina: Well please have a seat

    Jenny: There’s no need…. I’m only here to request a proper meeting betwixt yourself and my client.

    Tina is a bit amused as she folds her hands on her desk.

    Tina: Be…. twixt?

    Jenny: Yes. I would love to sit down and have a conversation, maybe discuss why you saw fit to bribe my client.

    Tina: I’m sorry, bribed?

    Jenny: Yes. Holding scrips hostage until you feel she has the “right” representation. Will I suffice, or will you have a problem with me as well?

    Tina slowly leans back in her chair and glares at Jenny.

    Tina: I haven’t bribed anyone into doing anything. I gave a young up and coming actress some advice…

    Taylor takes a sept forward with the proud smile still on her face.

    Taylor: Which I took to heart by the way.

    Tina turns and smiles at Taylor.

    Tina: Yes, you did

    Jenny: Since you can’t seem to make a commitment to meeting with me how about I just leave you my card. We’ll try to fit you into to our very busy schedule.

    Tina accepts the card and glances at Jenny when she pronounces the word schedule as if she is of British descent.

    Jenny: Have your people call my people. Good day…Taylor let us exeunt. We have an audition on the Warner Brother’s lot to get to.

    Jenny walks out of the office and Taylor turns and excitedly gives Tina a thumb up. Tina reluctantly returns the girl’s gesture and watches her leave. She then looks down at the card and shakes her head.

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    1. Bibi28 says

      I am so happy that you are back Browneyedgirl28!

      I will read it tomorrow, it is time for me to sleep. But i am looking forward to read it.

      Are you going to update your other stories?

      Anyway, welcome back!

    2. Bibi28 says

      I reread the former chapters and i am so in love with your story!

      I think i mentioned it many times but this story really makes me smile, it has the right mix between love, banter, drama , playful time and sexy moments.

      Your Bette and Tina is so well written, how they interact with each other and the gang is sometimes hilarious, but also how you let them talk about the past.

      I really love this story and the others you wrote.

      Don’t let us wait 11 months before you post a new update.

      Thank you so much for for this amazing story and making the time in your busy life to share your incredible talent as writer!

    3. SassyGran says

      Wow Eleven long months later a post on this great story.

      Thanks beg as you know I love your stories of my favourite couple and especially this one.. Loved it.

      Please, please post soon.


    4. Dainty says

      Thanks for the new chapter been wondering where you were, happy to have you back with our very favorite couple and family. Please, please, don’t let kelly linger in this story, please. I just kind of hate the woman, she gives everything a bad name, lesbians, women, and exes. She can never just walk away and leave well enough alone.

    5. thatgirlp says

      Thank you so much for the update!
      I really enjoy all your Bette and Tina stories, they are my fav LWord couple and you write them very well.

      Tina is still wreck with guilt about Angie and Bette missing out on so much of Angie’s early years and writing their story triggers it more. I LOVED how Bette reassure her…there is ONLY ONE Christina Kennard :)… and I love, love, love how much they can talk about things now. I think they were both miserable without each other BUT the separation allowed them to grow and appreciate their love.

      Tiana Moore is sexy has hell.

      I hope crazy Kelly will stay away…please leave her in San Francisco!

      I’m shocked Alice can keep the lid on da baby adoption from Tina!

      Kit’s dinner with Bette/Tina and Benjamin will be interesting….

      Looking forward to the next installment.

    6. tibettenation1 says

      I gotta check my emails more often lol…im just now seeing you posted an update to the second best story of all time. Home Again part 1 is first of course… and that you finished more chapters…lord Jesus, you know I have to control my breath when i see your postings. Im truly your biggest fan, but of course you know that lol…ok let me go catch up now.

    7. Therese_Belivet says

      Dear author, I already thanked you for your other stories I discovered months ago BUT I have to especially thank you for this one because all these chapters helped me to cross one of the worst depressive period I had to endure these last months,,, It’s amazing to see you writing it all these years ago and continue now : what a gift for all lifetime Tibetter like me ! All this marvellous mix of humor and tenderness for all your characters is a joy to read and, well, I just had to express my grateful feelings for your talent. A big virtual bear hug for you !! :-)

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