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    Bitter Reckoning, Chapters 3

    Harlan pulled his truck off the main road onto another that was no wider than a single vehicle. It was unpaved just as the last twenty miles had been, but this road was much bumpier. Tina gritted her teeth and held onto the door rest trying to keep her full bladder from erupting.

    “Damn, those are some deep potholes,” she said after Harlan hit one hard.

    “Sorry,” he said, “truck needs new shocks.”

    Despite the dropping temperature that had accompanied night fall, Tina was sweating. It wasn’t only from the pressure of needing to urinate, but also because her stomach was queasy. She swallowed often, belched with a closed mouth tasting the green tea she’d consumed earlier that evening.

    Finally, she could relax some. Not far in the distance, she could see lights and the outline of an RV and other vehicles as well as buildings and some fencing.

    “Is that Bette’s place?” she asked.

    “Her grandmother’s, Mary Dee’s, yep.” Harlan slowed as he passed through an iron gate. “Hey listen, what I told you earlier about Bette and her girlfriend…remember, she’s still upset, so don’t bring it up, okay?”


    “Also, you go ahead up to the door. They’re expecting you. I need to get my fifth-wheel hooked up.”

    “Aren’t you coming in to introduce me?” Tina began to tap her foot; the need to pee was unbearable.

    “Thing is, Grandmother and I had some words a few weeks back. It’s better if I don’t go in.”

    Tina unbuckled her seat belt and put her hand on the door handle even before Harlan had come to a stop. “Okay, whatever, I gotta pee like you wouldn’t believe.”

    “Well, we got toilets.”

    Three large dogs lumbered toward the slowing truck, they barked as Harlan pulled into the open area yards from a double-wide mobile home. Next to it was a cone shaped building of wood and packed mud. Parked in a row twenty yards from the house stood a fifth-wheel trailer along with the RV Tina had spotted from the road. There was a compact pickup truck, a full-sized truck, and an SUV parked there as well. Farther, past the two buildings, a wooden shed stood, and beyond that Tina could make out a fence and something moving behind it. That’s when she noticed the outhouse.

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    1. Thanks for all the welcome backs and comments on the new story! It’s good to be missed!

      For those of you wondering, here is a link to a story about a real haunted highway, not the 89 I use in my story, that I have drawn inspiration from.

      Let me know how you rate the “scare factor” of the story. I’m curious if it’s just me who gets weirded out by reading this or if it has the same effect on others.

      Thanks again!

      • Thanks for the new Chapter BM.
        Enjoyed it, despite feeling cold and switching every light on in the house on going to bed.
        I love reading your stories despite being scared and, yes I get weirded out when I’m reading.
        Looking forward to the relationship between Bette and Tina in this story and, in a weird way, the cliffhangers.

    2. Thanks for the great chapter!
      I like first T&B meeting and conversation between them, and part with shadow was really exciting.
      But i feel strange about Harlan – not about his crash on Tina, but something differnt in him.

    3. Hi BM:

      Wonderful chapter, really scary, chilling, and intriguing; the attitude of Bette’s crew toward Tina is a little suspicious for me, especially Harlan, like he is trying to get Tina, even knowing she is a lesbian; first it was the ‘green tea’ and she getting sleepy, then, he lied to Tina telling that Bette asked for her as the new editor, that the crew and family were waiting for her, not telling the complete story about Bette’s ex, like he is setting her up; but, I understand very well the apprehension of Kit.

      I like the way Bette treats Tina, and how this one strives to get Bette’s trust and friendship.

      But I’m not very clear, with all the hubbub in the RV, when Tina heard the noise and the entity trying to come in, why Bette didn’t wake up? Was all in Tina’s imagination? Was she being played by the entity, hallucinating perhaps?

      Thank you very much for this terrific and at the same time frightening chapter; I’ll wait eagerly for the next one.



    4. Love it! I’m hooked love the thrill and mystery already…has a feel between The Village and Thunderheart… different I like it..and can’t wait to see Beete and Tina get closer… but poor Alice..or was it?..Thank you welcome back.

    5. Maybe it’s because of the flu and my brain works a bit slower, but for someone who already got nightmares from the Hulk as a child, I think the horror till now isn’t scary enough to give me nightmares. Please keep it that way.

      I don’t trust Harlan, what is his motive to lie to Tina?

      I like the story so far.
      Thank you for the update!

    6. The Groves scared the shite out of me and so if this is more scary then I’ll know what I’m in for. However as of now not so scary in my opinion. For me The Groves setting was just really really eerie and the romance between tibette was amazing, really love that story! Hoping for a small rerun of sorts in this story :)

    7. Kit said to Kody . “Something was after her, Joe. She was seeing things in the ruins. At first, I thought she was hallucinating because she was drinking the whole time we were up there.Alice…'” So I think Alice was seeing things like Tina’s seeing now, Bette didn’t believe Alice & because of that they were arguing back then & Alice took off because she was scared. Poor Alice!.

    8. Those red high tops made me picture Ronald McDonald shoes for some reason. LOL

      Harlan seems to be getting off on trying to humiliate Tina in some way, hence the weirdness of him not being honest about getting her work out there. Whatever happened in the past between them appears to have given Harlan a bit of a chip on his shoulder that gives off a dish-best-served-cold vibe. Not cool, man.

      Has Bette already recognized the pattern that began with Alice? Did Alice ever tell Bette that she would smell something putrid before having these visions? Guess I’ll just wait until the story unfolds before asking anymore questions. Thanks for the update!!

    9. It’s good to see you’re back and with a horror story to boot! Seems that this time poor Tina is haunted solely by evil souls. I hope that Bette will be able to come to Tina’s aid in time.
      After only three chapters you have me on the edge of my seat already. Can’t wait for the next part. To me it’s feels a little like waiting for the next part of Stephen King’s “The Green Mile” back in 1996. Though I hope that you don’t let us wait for a month for a new chapter ;-)

      Thanks for the link… Interesting story about the haunted highway! If I ever travel to that region, I’ll make sure to avoid that route for sure :-)

      • If only I could have the skill of a Stephen King! I love his stuff!

        Yes, something is after Tina, but the real question is less about who/what and why. Same with Alice.

        Thanks for reading!

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