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    Hammersmith Police Station




    United Kingdom.


    Dr. Tina Kennard got out of the taxi, she had barely slept on the plane ride from LA to London and she looked half asleep as she walked into the large Victorian building. She went to the desk and a woman looked at her.

    “Can I help you?” She asked

    “My name is Dr. Tina Kennard, I’m here to see Detective Inspector Carlton.”

    “One moment please.”

    Tina waited a young gentleman came and got her and took her to a small interview room at the rare of the station. Tina took off her winter coat and sat down. She was wearing jeans and shirt under it. Her blonde hair tied up in a messy bun. She wanted answers. She sat herself at the desk, a man walked into the room.

    “Can I get you a drink Dr Kennard?”

    “Coffee would be great, thank you.” She smiled softly as he left the room.

    Another man and a woman walked into the room

    “Hello, I’m DI Ian Carlton and this is DS Parker.”

    “Dr. Tina Kennard,” She stook hands with both of them.

    “Please take a seat,” Carlton said slowly.

    Tina sat herself down as the young man returned and put her coffee in front of her.

    “We need to ask you some questions,”

    “I know how this all works,” Tina said.

    “How?” Parker asked.

    Tina smiled, they really didn’t know much about her.

    “I’m a forensic scientist with the FBI.” Tina replied.

    “And you’re dating an actress?” Parker looked up from her notes confused.

    “Yeah they are people too,” Tina said defensively.

    “Sorry, erm. how did you meet?” Parker asked.

    “Bette is the star of a show called Walking With The Dead. I do this for real. I’m apart of a cold case unit in LA. She came to visit our offices and we got talking, hit it off really,”

    “When was this?” Carlton asked softly

    “Nine years ago,” Tina smiled softly.

    “You’ve been together for nine years?” Carlton asked

    “Yes, amazing that its been such a secret in Hollywood. Bette is very private, hides away from the press when not working. We’ve been living together for eight years.”

    “She came out three weeks ago?”

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    1. I understand Bette got scared now, but i think she need to change her tactic. She can’t fight with her kidnapper, he’s stronger than her, but she can lie to him. She smarter than him and she’s actress – she can fake that she agree with everything he want from her. She can fake she’s into him and than choose her moment and try to escape.

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