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    Boomerang—Chapter 1

    Early morning—New York—Airport

    Standing near the check in counter with her luggage she checks her phone for the current time and sighs.  “Damn it Cheryl.  Where are you?”.  She mumbles and it seems she was about to get her answer when she heard her name being called from behind her

    “Tina!”  she hears turning around and lays eyes on her best friend who was pulling two huge suitcases and carrying a big duffle bag across her shoulder.  She shakes her head slightly at the sight as she joins her friend at the airline check in entrance

    “Jesus Cheryl.  We are only going to Vegas for the weekend.  We aren’t moving there”

    Cheryl scoffs “Please.  I couldn’t decide what outfits to wear so I brought them all.  I mean it’s my bachelorette weekend so I’m allowed to be indecisive”

    Tina couldn’t argue with that and decided to let it go.

    “I’m so glad you could come.  I wasn’t sure if you would be able to make it since your promotion and transfer to London last year” Cheryl says as they move closer to the check in counter”

    “Well it’s not everyday my best friend since high school gets married and so I was able to get 3 weeks off.  I’m just sorry I couldn’t say yes to being in your bridal party”

    Cheryl waved her off “Don’t worry about it”

    “So who is all in your bridal party?..I feel so bad I haven’t talked to you since then”

    And she was.  She had been so busy with her work in London she hadn’t had time to talk to Cheryl and her other close friends who she is hoping would be joining them this weekend

    “Well there is Christine she agreed to be maid of honor since you weren’t sure you could commit…And then there is Julie, Hannah and then my fiancé’s half sister rounding out the crew.  I kind of had to include her because his Mom begged me to”

    “Oh good .  I can’t wait to see them.  But I’m curious is to why Daniel’s Mom would ask you something like that”

    Cheryl sighs and was about to answer when they were called to the counter.  They both checked in and proceeded to their assigned gate before returning to the previous conversation after getting settled in their seats waiting to board 

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