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    Boomerang—Chapter 2

    After Tina’s revelation, Cheryl turned to Bette who stood frozen in her spot.

    “Bette? Is that true? Did you ghost Tina like that” Cheryl prompted for an answer as Tina taps her foot rapidly on the ceramic title floor waiting for Bette’s response that wasn’t coming fast enough for her

    “Well?..Are you gonna tell them?  I mean your silence says enough” Tina chastises

    Bette now began to get control of her body and looks at the blonde confusingly as if to study her…She then looks at Cheryl

    “Cheryl?….I don’t know this woman” Bette answered and felt she was in her own version of a Rod Sterling episode of The Twilight Zone.

    Tina couldn’t believe what she had just heard and placed her hands on her hips.  It’s like she was punched in the gut all over again.  She wanted to yell or protest or something. Anything really but nothing would come out so she stood there open mouthed and dumbfounded

    Cheryl raised her left eyebrow and looked between Tina and Bette taking in the awkwardness of it all.  She then sighed rubbing her forehead

    “Ok…Bette?….You say you don’t know Tina”

    “I swear.  I have never seen this woman before I walked into this penthouse”

    “You are a liar!” Tina angrily retorted finally finding her voice that echoed throughout the penthouse.

    She turns to Hannah “Hannah? Is this or this is not the woman you met when you visited me in London”

    “Well…I” Hannah began with Tina cutting her off

    “See.  Hannah can confirm it!”

    “Well you didn’t give her a chance to answer the question Tina” Julie pointed out earning a glare from a clearly pissed off and emotionally charged Tina

    “Fine!….Answer it Hannah” Tina demanded then bit her lip

    Hannah clears her throat “Well….Yeah…You sure look like the woman who Tina was seeing in London”

    “That’s impossible…I was never living in London” Bette interjected clearly confused

    “Oh really!…Thank God for fucking smartphones because I’m fixing to expose your lying ass in front of my friends and your future sister-in -law”…She says grabbing  her cellphone out of her pocket and taps on the photos where she still had pictures of her and Bette saved in the folder  “My love”

    “Come here and see if you can tell me you don’t remember all of this” She says motioning to Bette who cautiously walks to where Tina was standing.  Tina slung the phone at her.  Bette quickly caught it and nervously looked at the first picture and gasped upon seeing her naked body wrapped up with the blondes..Tina is holding the phone up while kissing her cheek and Bette is smiling at the camera clearly happy

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    1. Sounds like some kind of spy stuff. Bette has had her memories erased in some form and for some reason. I must have to do with the NYIA…. I wonder what else does she not remember?

      Please write more… rather intriguing….

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