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    Boomerang—Chapter 2

    “I need to sit down”. Bette blurted out as thankfully a chair was just behind her and she immediately backed up to it and sat down resting her elbows on her knees and holding her head in her hands.

    Tina turns to Cheryl who was standing beside her and whispers “Our plans are still on ok.  Just let me talk to Bette for a minute”.

    Cheryl nods “Hannah and Julie..Let’s go decide what we are going to wear tonight“ she says thankful they went along and followed Cheryl down the hall

    Tina’s anger had long subsided and was replaced with genuine concern and worry because Bette clearly did not remember anything..It would also explain her being ghosted like she was.  Tina deduced  something had happened to Bette but what that was  would be something close to a solve for x problem…She had so many questions but  knew for certain Bette wouldn’t have many answers right now and the brunette seemed to be trying to grasp that she is missing parts of her life.  The part that also included Tina.

    “Bette?” Tina calls out to get the brunette’s attention…..Bette lifts her head clearly frazzled “Would you like to talk about this?”

    “I wouldn’t know what to say” Bette answers dejectedly

    Tina sighs and sits in the chair next to Bette…Silence engulfed them for a brief time before Bette spoke

    “So….I completely ghosted you?”

    Tina nodded “Completely..You disappeared without a trace on the night of our 6 month dating anniversary”

    Bette shook her head in disbelief “I honestly don’t remember you.  I feel I should but I don’t…How am I not remembering you or our time together”

    Tina sighs “That’s the million dollar question….But I remember everything from our time together.  From the day I met you till the day you completely left my life”

    “I do want to talk to you about this.  Maybe it will help me fill in the gaps or at least maybe find out what happened to me because it’s like part of my memory was completely erased”

    Tina raised an eyebrow “Say that last part again?”

    “I said it was like part of memory was completely erased” Bette repeated

    Tina leaned back in her chair in thought

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    1. Sounds like some kind of spy stuff. Bette has had her memories erased in some form and for some reason. I must have to do with the NYIA…. I wonder what else does she not remember?

      Please write more… rather intriguing….

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