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    Boomerang—Chapter 3

    “….And that’s all you remember?” Tina asked incredulously.

    Bette nodded “I don’t remember anything about London or…” Bette turned and looked sadly at Tina…”or being with you”

    Tina felt like her heart was yanked out of her chest all over again.  But she couldn’t show her emotions or her heartbreak.  Even though this is her Bette..Tina is nothing but a stranger to her and it broke her heart

    Tina sighs “What about your family in London?….Your Mom Louis?…Your Dad Greg?…Your brother Colton?”

    Bette’s face contorted looking at Tina as if she had grown three heads

    “Huh?….I don’t know anyone by those names..I was adopted and just recently found my birth mother who happens to be Daniel’s mother also”

    Tina shakes her head. “Was everything just a fucking lie then?” She said out loud in frustration not meaning to as it would cause more tension than she was wanting to allow

    “I’m just as confused as you.  I don’t know what the hell is going on” Bette said honestly and seemed to be agitated at the situation but Tina at this point didn’t know if she was being played or not.  Bette seemed to be truthful but something is definitely very wrong with this whole picture.

    “Look…It’s obvious I knew you..I mean we looked like we were..” Bette began and trailed off

    “……in love?”  Tina finished the sentence

    Bette looked at Tina and at the moment wished she could remember something or feel something for the blonde but there was nothing.  Why did it bother her so much that she didn’t feel or remember anything about her

    “Yeah” Bette replied sadly who looked down at  her lap

    Instinctively, or maybe because of old habits, Tina got up from her chair and squatted in front of Bette placing her hands on her knees. Bette gazed into Tina’s hazel eyes and instantly she saw in her mind those same hazel eyes staring at her smiling.  Her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail…..and just like that the image was gone

    “Bette?” Tina asked seeing Bette’s facial expression change to that of shock “Are you ok?”

    Bette closed her eyes blinking a few times “Uh..yeah..yeah..I’m sorry…just spaced out..This is a lot for me to take in”

    Tina nodded in understanding clearly not knowing what to do and feeling extremely awkward being in front of her ex…But that’s the whole thing..Was she really considered an ex…There was no ending..Just abandonment…She never got closure and she probably never would since the woman before her doesn’t even remember her.  She was about to say something when she heard Bette’s phone ring.

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    1. Renee Macklemore of the NYIA???? Looks like we have a suspect in where the problem is…. someone decided Bette belonged to her and did something to make Bette forget who she was, about London and her real family….
      Hang in there Tina… you got problems now. If she can cause Bette forget, she can cause you to forget as well….
      Calm down and access what you know. Bette has done nothing to make you believe she is lying about her memory loss. If it was a rouse, she would never mention Renee’s name. Enjoy the party…. get some sleep and think about what to do next. My advice is avoid any interaction with Renee until you know a lot more about what is going on….

      Thanks for the chapter…. getting intense.

    2. Oh wow, what happened to Bette and now her current girlfriend who was Bette’s ex- girlfriend seems to be involved in Bette’s amnessia and Tina doesn’t believe her anymore.

      Take a deep breath Tina and give Bette the benefit of doubt and search together what has happend.

      Great story so far!

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