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    Boomerang—Chapter 3

    “Excuse me?” Bette says apologetically as she reaches into the pocket of her blazer grabbing her phone to answer it

    “Hey……Yeah…I did….”

    Tina noticed Bette shift in her seat and turn slightly away from her and she took that as a cue she was uncomfortable talking to whoever it was on the phone in her presence.  Immediately she grabbed her suitcase and decided to go find her bedroom

    “Yeah babe…I miss you too”

    Tina felt like a dozen knives had stabbed her in the heart as she heard Bette say the word “babe”…To hear her call someone else that just devastated her.  It wasn’t fair that her love was just ripped away from her and if Bette really didn’t remember her then she was lucky because Tina wouldn’t want anyone to experience the pain that she had gone through and how utterly soul splitting it was seeing her love again with the other woman having no recollection of the love they shared..She was in her own hell and was sure it was worse than being in actual Hell itself.

    “Are you ok?” She heard as a hand grabbed her shoulder to stop her.

    Tina turned and saw Cheryl looking at her sympathetically

    “No” Tina said weakly

    Cheryl guided her into the room next door and closed the door

    “Tina I’m so sorry.  I couldn’t even imagine that this would even remotely happen”

    Tina sighs and she was too devastated and confused to even cry as much as she wanted to.  She had cried herself to sleep so much after Bette had left her she thought there were no more tears to even shed.  This was proving her point

    “How could you have known?..The last thing I expected was to see her beautiful face again”

    Tina drops down on the edge of the bed and holds her head in her hands.  Cheryl sits beside her trying her best to comfort her best friend.  Tina lifts her head after a brief time and looks at Cheryl

    “She doesn’t even remember me Cheryl.  How could she not?  I thought…I mean….I was going to ask her to marry me Cheryl.  That night….I had a ring and everything.  I had it all planned.  She was the one for me and I didn’t want to wait any longer” Tina sadly confesses


    1. Renee Macklemore of the NYIA???? Looks like we have a suspect in where the problem is…. someone decided Bette belonged to her and did something to make Bette forget who she was, about London and her real family….
      Hang in there Tina… you got problems now. If she can cause Bette forget, she can cause you to forget as well….
      Calm down and access what you know. Bette has done nothing to make you believe she is lying about her memory loss. If it was a rouse, she would never mention Renee’s name. Enjoy the party…. get some sleep and think about what to do next. My advice is avoid any interaction with Renee until you know a lot more about what is going on….

      Thanks for the chapter…. getting intense.

    2. Oh wow, what happened to Bette and now her current girlfriend who was Bette’s ex- girlfriend seems to be involved in Bette’s amnessia and Tina doesn’t believe her anymore.

      Take a deep breath Tina and give Bette the benefit of doubt and search together what has happend.

      Great story so far!

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