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    Boomerang—Chapter 3

    “Jesus Tina..You said you were getting serious…..Not like marriage serious”

    “I downplayed it.  It makes it sound less devastating….but the truth is….I was head over heels in love with her.  I…I uh…I still am…I haven’t been with anyone since she left me.  I spent months looking for her and inquiring about her and I gave up.  It’s like she completely disappeared off the face of the Earth…And now she just suddenly appears out of nowhere back in my life and doesn’t fucking remember me”

    “Oh Tina” Cheryl replied pulling her best friend into her while stroking her hair

    “….And what’s worse I heard her talking to someone and she called them babe..She used to call me that” she says her voice not hiding her heartbreak

    Tina could feel Cheryl tense up

    “I’m sorry Tina… If you want I can ask her to stay in another part of the hotel..I would even pay for her room just so that this isn’t as awkward”

    Tina gathered herself and pulled away from Cheryl “No…Don’t….Let’s not make this an issue this weekend…It’s your bachelorette weekend and that is what I am going to focus on….Besides..She doesn’t deserve to be ostracized when it’s obvious something happened to her to lose her memory.  And I can tell it’s affecting her with the revelation so let’s not make it worse”

    Cheryl sighs “You are truly selfless Tina”

    Tina scoffs and curls her lips into smile “Ok.  Stop.  I’m putting that aside..I’m ready to focus on you and celebrating your last days as a free woman..I’m going to get ready ok” Tina says shooing Cheryl out the door and quickly closes it. She sighs as she attempts to get a handle on her emotions.  This was going to be extremely hard but Tina was not about to let her personal life interfere with Cheryl’s weekend

    Bette on the had just hung up with her girlfriend Renee who she had been seeing romantically the past 3 months.  How was she going to explain this to Renee?  And more importantly..What the hell happened to her that she can’t remember anything.  It’s like a certain period of time is missing now that she can’t recovery that she didn’t even know was there.. The part that includes Tina.  What other things does she not remember?  She was so deep in her thoughts she didn’t notice anyone was staring by her until a hand touched her shoulder


    1. Renee Macklemore of the NYIA???? Looks like we have a suspect in where the problem is…. someone decided Bette belonged to her and did something to make Bette forget who she was, about London and her real family….
      Hang in there Tina… you got problems now. If she can cause Bette forget, she can cause you to forget as well….
      Calm down and access what you know. Bette has done nothing to make you believe she is lying about her memory loss. If it was a rouse, she would never mention Renee’s name. Enjoy the party…. get some sleep and think about what to do next. My advice is avoid any interaction with Renee until you know a lot more about what is going on….

      Thanks for the chapter…. getting intense.

    2. Oh wow, what happened to Bette and now her current girlfriend who was Bette’s ex- girlfriend seems to be involved in Bette’s amnessia and Tina doesn’t believe her anymore.

      Take a deep breath Tina and give Bette the benefit of doubt and search together what has happend.

      Great story so far!

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