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    Breakfast With Friends

    Tina smiled as she picked up Xavier out of his car seat, he was very awake and aware today. He clapped as Bette put his stroller up

    “Why do I feel like my son is going to be sarcastic?” Bette muttered.

    “Because he is clapping at you while you put his stroller up,” Tina laughed she couldn’t help it.

    “He has your sense of humour.” Bette said, as she moved slowly to make sure everything was in place.

    Tina put their son into the stroller and grinned.

    “What can I say, he has your charm, he will have your way with the ladies too,”

    “I’m sure he will be a lady killer,” Bette grinned.

    They walked together towards the Planet it was the first time they were going to Breakfast in since before Bette’s birthday which seemed like a life time ago for them both. They walked into the Planet and Bette could see the girls at their usual table, she smiled when she saw Helena, Dana, Lara, Alice, Shane and Tasha were all sat laughing and joking. Bette and Tina ordered breakfast before walking over to the table,

    “Morning ladies,” Bette said as she put the stroller next Tina and pulled a chair out for Tina who sat down next to Shane. Bette sat herself down and laughed as her son clapped again.

    “Hey Bette, Wow he has grown,” Helena said grinning.

    “Yeah and he is getting his mothers sense of humour keeps clapping when I do stuff, “Bette rolled her eyes as she spoke.

    Tina just grinned and unbuckled her son out of his stroller and sat him onto her knee, giving him his teething ring, he looked around at everyone as the conversations started up.

    Shane watched as Tina pay attention to her son as well as looking around, she was lost to the conversations but Bette was laughing and joking again.

    Their breakfasts arrived and tina sat feeding Xavier bits of fruit from her plate as well feeding herself.

    “You’re relaxed,” Shane remarked.

    Tina smiled at her friend.

    “I’m come to terms with a lot of stuff recently. I know I’m never going to keep up with conversations around this table, but I also know my wife needs this time.”

    “Its nice to have you back,” Shane smiled,

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    1. For some reason this chapter made me sad for Bette. While there is a clear market for Tina’s artwork she continues to be oblivious to the fact that Bette’s work and professional career has taken a backseat to her own. Bette set everything aside to handle the mental health crisis (as she should) and the demands of a premature child but now both should agree that Bette’s focus can safely return to her career. Tina needs to support this by not accepting any new commissions for a period of time to focus on her own health and on her son and family. Notice I didn’t say she should not be painting, she can do that as well but agreeing to paint specific art by request, especially a big project like the one for Peggy once again takes center stage in the relationship. Bette is a saint.
      Also I was saddened that Peggy left without saying good bye. Her friendship was with Bette initially (if this follows the show) and leaving while Bette is getting her a drink was rude and callous. Bette does not seem to display any emotion about all this which the social worker in me wants to explore further.
      This is such an unusual story and one that I look forward to reading. Thank you UK, please take my comments as thoughtful reactions rather than criticism, I know how hard it is to put a story out for others to review. Thanks

        • I agree. It’s very sad. Bette has given up so much. Only to continually take a back seat. And Peggy leaving without speaking to Bette? That’s not Peggy. And it is beyond hurtful and disrespectful. And Peggy would never do it. Never! Bette deserves to be treated so much better. This relationship will not last.

    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      Well, it’s too big money from Peggy for 10 pictures to refuse i guess.

      P.S. Interesting – how fast Bette could became jealous to Tina’s success?

    3. Peggy already has several of Tina’s drawings of city scapes. Now she wants “seasonal city scapes” – ten of them….
      This is to be expected after the painting for the White House. Now, she will have to put aside her non-commissioned work to concentrate on this. She’s very fortunate to be in demand.

      I too, have a problem with how Peggy just shows up, makes a deal and has very little to say to Bette during the visit. After all, Peggy shows up unannounced on a Sunday afternoon and ask for a drink and then does not hang around to even recieve it. To me this is the epitome of rudeness. She is basically saying that I, Peggy Peabody have money and I get what I want – rudeness is part of the package.

      Now, as to what happens hereafter with Bette and her own needs and desires. Nice talk they just had on Saturday night. Let’s see if Tina is really sincere in doing her part to assist Bette meet her own needs.

      I still cannot believe that Alice could be forgiven so easily. I also find it incredible that Tina would forgive her that easily as well. She basically said that Tina bought Bette with her fortune and that Bette and Tina’s relationship was based on money and would not last. And if Tina continues to pull in high paying commissions and Bette is not in a self-fulfilling endeavor, Alice’s prediction could become a fact. I have always felt that Bette loves Tina very much. And I know that Tina loves Bette and is dependent on her for companionship and care and to be the other mother to Xavier. The question become can Tina be an equal partner in the relationship to give the emotional support that Bette needs to achieve the happiness she desires. Relationships are hard work and need constant attention and sometimes some self sacrifice. But if its not a two way deal, its can quickly falter, crash and burn. Words are great….. actions are better.

      Thanks for the chapter….

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