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    President Elizabeth Porter, 44 has found love again two years after the bombing that took her wife from her.

    The President reportedly rushed to George Washington University Hospital on Friday evening after news reached her that her ‘girlfriend’ had been rushed into the hospital after being attacked by a patient.

    It is understood that President Porter is in a relationship with Dr Tina Kennard. Kennard is an expert behavioural medicine and is 30 years old. She has written a number of papers on pTSD. Kennard was attacked in her practice on Friday evening and was rushed to the ER of GW University Hospital with a shoulder and arm injury and needing a blood transfusion.

    Porter arrived three hours later and went straight to Dr Kennard’s room. A nurse working the ER that evening commented. “They seem very happy and relaxed with each other. The President was very pleasant. Dr Kennard was lovely too. They make a stunning couple.”

    The couple have headed to President Porters Private home in New Hampshire for a long weekend for Dr Kennard to recover. We are still awaiting official news that the President is indeed in a relationship.



    The Black Water Estate

    The Private Residence of President Elizabeth Porter

    Forest Lane


    New Hampshire



    Tina had been shocked and surprised when they had arrived at Bette’s private home. The place was bigger than she had ever expected. Yet once she had gotten inside she had fallen in love with the oak ceilings and the impressive rooms. It was a mixture of old and new. she loved the kitchen. She couldn’t wait to cook in it. Yet right now she was lay on the sofa in the living room, her good arm thrown over her forehead. Her wounded ono on a pillow and her eyes were closed. She was just resting.

    Bette came in, smiling at Tina. before sitting on sofa on the other side of the coffee table.

    “Everything okay?” Tina asked without moving.

    “How do you do that?”

    “Do what?”

    “I barely made any noise.”

    “You’ve got wooden floors and a cane you’re never going to be able to creep up on me babe,” Tina admitted.

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    1. Great two updates!

      Love the story so far. Glad Tina wasn’t more injured and that Bette didn’t give a rats that she would be outed and Tina didn’t mind either. Living together that soon but i think it’s due to the circumstances that Bette is POTUS and they simply love each other.

      Rosemary, what can you say, she annoys me and has her daughter on a pedestal so high she isn’t able to see that her daughter cheated on Bette and wasn’t that nice woman she thinks is. Bette has a right to move on. Glad Bette told her of and blocked her but i think we will hear more about her.

      Thanks for another great story!

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