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    Shane is sleeping soundly when her phone begins to ring on the bedside table. She stirs a little before she lifts her head and checks the clock sitting next to her phone. When she sees the time flashing four a.m., she groans and tosses the pillow over her head, and immediately falls back to sleep. Only seconds pass before the phone starts ringing again. She yanks the pillow off her head and snatches her phone from the table.

    Shane: What?

    Alice: I’ve been callin’.

    Shane: Yeah, I know. It’s four in the morning, Alice.

    Alice: You saw me calling and didn’t answer? What if it was an emergency?

    Shane: I figured you’d come over if it were that important.

    Alice: Well, what if I couldn’t come over? Huh? What about that? What if….

    Shane: What if I hang up on you right now?

    Alice pauses for a second before she continues.

    Alice: Her flight lands in a bit. Did you set everything up for her?

    Shane rolls onto her back and sighs.

    Shane: If setting things up involves throwing a fitted sheet on the guestroom bed, then yes, everything is set.

    Alice: Shane? I told you to set out like some fresh flowers…. what about the fruit? Did you get the fruit plate? She loves a good fruit plate.

    Shane runs her hand through her hair.

    Shane: Alice, her mind isn’t gonna be on a fuckin’ fruit cup; her life is in shambles. I doubt if honeydew is gonna do anything to help her heal.

    The line goes silent for a beat before Alice responds.

    Alice: Well, you’re just a ray of sunshine this morning.

    Shane: I’m hanging up now.

    Alice: Fine, I’ll see you later….and put on a bra, would ya? Your nipples….

    Shane ends the call and tosses her phone back on the table before she rolls over and goes back to sleep……



    Later, Bette Porter has her duffle bag thrown over her shoulder and is rolling another bag behind her. She finds her Uber and thanks the driver for loading her bags into the trunk. She then quickly slides into the back seat. She takes a deep breath and looks down as she twirls a silver wedding band between her fingers. She then slides the ring into her jacket pocket and looks out of the window as the car pulls away from the curb……

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    1. Wow. One of my fave writers, the great BEG, is back with a new, interesting Tibette story. Yay! :)

      I was just rereading “It’s a Small World” for the nth time a few minutes ago (a couple of pages away from the proposal and all the lead-in drama) when I stumbled upon this new story by accident. Looks very promising. For a moment there I thought the TK who broke Bette’s heart is our favorite TK. I’m glad you chose a different twist for this story and that both Kit and Dana are alive and kicking here. I love the Eeyore reference too! :> (I think Eeyore’s not depressed, he’s just the sensitive, withdrawn type (Type Four in Enneagram) who always looks sad.

      Anyway, thanks a lot for this new story again, BEG! We’ll wait for the updates to your other lovely stories. Take care and stay safe! :)

    2. Hi BEG,

      Such a pleasure to see you back!!!

      Wonderful new story and like mightymouse i was scared your TK was Tina, nice twist!

      Look forward to read this story and see updates of your other stories!

    3. Woke up to find this most pleasant surprise. A new story by one of my all time favorite authors. Reread your stories all of the time. I love the premise already. Agree with the others about TK not being our Tina. This is going to be great!!! Tina and a baby and a heartbroken Bette trying to rebuild hurt life. Just when you aren’t looking for love right? I bette this TK doesn’t mind being called T. Congratulations on your return!!!! Oh – Just reread Home Again. So good.

    4. What a great surprise to have you back posting. What a super story too I cannot wait for the next post.

      Wonderful to have you back, please don’t forget your incomplete stories but also please hurry and post again on this one.

    5. Great, new story from you! Thanks!

      You almost got me with first TK – Bette’s ex TK №1 – buy the way – she seems like absolutely bitch. But our TK – Tina Kennard – TK №2 seems have interesting life, and baby.

      So i’m in, and waiting for the next!

    6. One of the all-time best writers is back! I could not be happier…

      Already excited by this story – was sure the TK was our Tina, what a great twist. Feel the sparks already between Bette & Tina, which you always write beautifully. Love that all the characters are included.

      Can’t wait to read more! Thanks for this story

      P.S. It’s A Small World is in my personal hall of fame

    7. I am so glad to see this story from you….A great alternative universe story…. You certainly had me going with the first TK…. But with Tina arriving on the scene as Alice’s new executive producer and meeting Bette for the first time, I was elated…

      Please write more and often as you can… you have a lot of fans who love your work. Count me among the crowd..

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