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    Broken Rules

    The following morning, Tina leans over and turns her alarm clock off. She turns and looks at Bette who is still sound asleep; and then rolls onto her back and stretches. She glances down at the foot of the bed and is startled when she sees Alice sitting there.

    Tina: Shit, Alice what the hell are you doing?

    Alice smiles and bites the bagel in her hand.

    Alice: I’m enjoying the view

    Tina narrows her eyes at Alice and points towards the door.

    Tina: Get out

    Alice points towards Tina with her bagel.

    Alice: I thought you were straight girly….

    Tina: I’m not discussing this with you right now Alice, now leave before you wake Bette up.

    Alice: Can’t I stay just a few more minutes? Just until I finish my bagel

    Tina immediately leans over and slaps Alice’s bagel out of her hand. The bagel hits the wall and then falls to the floor.

    Alice: Hey…you owe me a bagel

    Tina: Get out

    Alice pouts and looks over at Bette.

    Alice: Morning Bette

    Bette: Good morning Alice Pieszecki

    Alice’s smile drops when she sees the way Tina is looking at her.

    Alice: I’m going I’m going….

    Alice picks up the bagel that was just slapped out of her hand and then opens the door. She turns back around and points at Bette and Tina.

    Alice: By the way, super happy about this situation here. It’s about damn time.

    Alice walks out of the room and closes the door. Tina looks at Bette and shakes her head.

    Tina: Sorry about that. Did she wake up?

    Bette: No, it’s fine. It’s time for me to awaken anyway.

    Tina: How are you? I know that’s a stupid question.

    Bette: It is not stupid in the slightest. I am okay I suppose, it is not the best situations but there is not much I can do.

    Tina leans over and kisses Bette.

    Tina: Are you hungry?

    Bette: No I’m okay. I must be going now.

    Bette stands up from the bed and looks around for her shoes.

    Tina: Are you going to work? I mean don’t you think you should maybe give yourself a few days?

    Bette smiles as she sits down and slides her shoes on.

    Bette: I don’t know how well it would go over if I call my boss and inform him that I am in mourning because my planet is no more.

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    1. pikiangelica says

      I love to see playful, cheesy, caring, loving TiBette, I’m glad to know that Tina Erick is a lesbian and that is from another planet, I like Tasha, the Love Scene TiBette was perfect, there should be more of these scenes! alice and curiosity !!! Thanks for this great and great chapter.

    2. aloiv says

      an update, finally! thank you so much. i have been patiently waiting. its great that TnB worked their issues… Alice is something else… im thinking that you keep Tasha so Alice can be busy chasing Tasha instead of what happened with Alice/Eric’s mission…. can’t wait for more!

    3. mscully says

      I’m loving this Bette and Tina in dating.
      They need time together to dating
      with no one to disturb.
      Congratulations on this great NC 17.
      My heart thank Tibette.
      Excellent chapter.
      The complete constellation.

    4. lipitora says

      I’ve waited so a new update to this story.
      I love it! this is my favourite story from you.
      It was a good read on the player, and in love with Tibette.
      It was a beautifully written love scene was very hot and sensual (but you’re always was a master at this)
      I don’t know why but I don’t love Alice most of your story :-DD I hope she doesn’t cause too much damage.
      I’m looking forward to the next chapter!

    5. Bibi28 says

      Lipitora took the words out my mouth, agree completly with her comment!

      My only wish is that i hope you will update sooner, but i will wait patiently.

      Thanks for the update!

    6. cvu says

      How do I missed this? I don’t know shit?! ..So, Tasha knows that Tina knows, and she’s afraid that Alice
      would know eventually? But, the one thing I know =P is that they almost didn’t put the protection when
      they were doing the “Thing”.. *wiggling my eyebrows* ..Anyway, good thing I checked the site again
      or else I wouldn’t see your update. [I really don’t know how I’ve missed this?]
      Thanks BEG28

    7. Sharod says

      Loving Tibette. Eric and Amanda seeing their former lovers together, tough. Alice may find more than she bargained for. I have a feeling that Tasha may be from Marcepticon, also. Maybe she can distract Alice.

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