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    Building Blocks

    Tina smiled down at her son as she slowly changed his diaper. Bette watched on, noticing how careful Tina was with him. She was talking to him, tickling his tummy and being gentle as she slowly changed a rather nasty poopy diaper. Tina wasn’t bothered by it she simply just got on with it. Bette loved that about her wife, she knew that any challenge she would put her mind too it. Tina carefully put a clean diaper on her son and did up his onesie. She then lent herself forward and rubbed her nose against her sons. Making the little guy kick his feet. He loved the attention he was getting from his mommy.

    Tina looked up at Bette with a look of complete happiness on her face. She loved being with her family again. Her brain was letting her enjoy the fact they were together. Her medication was making her stable and the fact she was opening up about so many of her feelings was helping her in the best way possible. Tina slowly picked up Xavier and smiled at him. She was starting to feel more and more like his mother. She kissed him as he snuggled into her. She moved over to the sofa.

    “He smells so good, I think it’s the baby powered.”

    “It is,” Bette grinned. “He always smells good after his bath time.”

    “Do you bath him or one of the nurses?” Tina was fully aware that Bette got help.

    “I do it, every night. I want to do as much as I can for him. He is getting bigger every day. I want to take him in the pool once he is a little bigger. Diana one of the nurses thinks it’s a good idea to get him swimming early to help him get strength.”

    “That’s good, I’ve always enjoyed swimming.”

    “I know,” Bette smiled as Xavier snuggled deeper into Tina, sucking in his small fist.

    “I love you and him,” Tina said slowly. “I have never known a love like it. I’ve never felt so alive. Yet I’ve ruined everything,”

    “How have you ruined everything?” Bette asked

    “Well by my selfish actions.”

    “They weren’t selfish, you’re ill. Mental illness is an illness. It’s not like you were just selfish walking away from us and leaving us because you had another family or another life. You left because in your mind you thought it was best. We both know it’s not.” Bette smiled softly. “I love you so much. I wish I could really express that to you. I hope my actions speak of that.”

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    1. Tina is getting better. I wonder what her therapist says? Has she made sufficient progress in her therapy to go home and be safe? She’s working on her web site. That’s good. She’s using her free time to do something useful for her future. She has a complete set of art work to sell.

      I am happy that things are progressing with Bette and Tina an Xavier. I’m happy to know Bette has help with Xavier.
      I really want to see her come home whole and healthy.

      Thanks for the update….

    2. I am happy that Tina is making baby steps to get better.

      It is a slow progress and shouldn’t be pushed and Bette is aware of that.

      So sweet to see Tina taking care of Xavier and forming a mother bond with him.

      Your Bette is a amazing woman and there is no doubt she is deeply in love with Tina and their son and want the best for both of them.

    3. I am glad that Tina is making good progress and that she has bonded so well with Xavier. Agree with the other posts. Will just add that Xavier is still very tiny and in need of specialized medical care that will not end any time soon. I wonder how the adoption is progressing. Hopefully finalized soon. Love Shane to pieces and am glad she is there for Bette but with regard to Tina – Bette should be taking all direction from the doctors. This is a little out of Shane’s league. Bette is a rock. No doubt about it. And her love for Tina is unwavering. Like Martha said, the goal is whole and healthy. That applies to all. Building blocks is right. Thanks for the update.

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