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    Building Blocks

    Tina was walking around the book store, putting some new books that had just arrived onto the shelves. She heard the door bell ring out and she poked her head around the shelves and she watched as Bette walked into the shop, Bette hadn’t noticed Tina and was looking at the books in a glass unit that contained all the rare First Editions. Tina  just stood for a moment taking in her former lover. Bette had changed, but she looked amazing. Her slim body was covered in a designer suit, her feet in impressively high heels. She still had that air about her. Tina looked down at herself in a shirt and causal jeans.

    Tina put the pile of books she was holding down and walked over to Bette.

    “May I help you?” Tina asked, using her professional voice.

    Bette grinned. She couldn’t help it. There was something magically about having that southern accent back in her life.

    “I was just admiring this rather impressive collection of First Editions.” Bette replied.

    “Anything catch your eye?” Tina decided she was going to play along.

    “You,” Bette said turning to Tina.

    Tina felt the blush,

    “That’s not what I was asking,” She whispered.

    “But you have caught my eye,” Bette replied, ever the charmer. “You know that, the first moment I saw you walk into my gallery all those years ago, I knew I wanted you.”

    “You got me,” Tina whispered,

    “I did, and then I lost you”

    “We all make mistakes,” Tina replied.

    “Some bigger than others.” Bette looked around the store. Seeing a couple of people milling around.

    “What time do you finish?” Bette asked,

    Tina smiled, she couldn’t help it.

    “Erm,” Tina looked at her watch, “Any time I like.”


    “I’ve got two managers. One for each store. I don’t actually need to be here all the time. I was just helping with the restock.”  Tina replied.

    “Agh yeah, well. I finished early.”

    “For our weekend together?”


    Tina could see that Bette was nervous.

    “Wait here I’ll get my overnight bag,” Tina said softly. Early in the week her and Bette had agreed that it was best that Tina came to her, so they could truly relax together.

    “Okay,” Bette smiled as she walked away back to the First Editions. She could hear Tina talking to a well dressed young man before she disappeared through a side door.

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    1. Nice beginning for a relaxing and reconnecting weekend… Take your time ladies… relax and enjoy just sharing time and space with each other. The physical connection will come when you both are ready…. no doubt about it.

      Thanks for the chapter…

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