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    The Private Residence of Tina Kennard

    Kenter Ranch

    Duke’s Avenue

    Outside of West Sunbury




    Bette looked out of the kitchen window and smiled at Tina stood bare foot in the middle of the lawn, her body and mind at ease as she did  Ti Chi. Bette turned on the coffee machine and opened the large French doors to the garden, she walked out on the deck and sat down, looking out not only at Tina but at the large amount of land that Tina owned. The house was brilliant and Bette could see herself living here. With being President she needed to piece and quiet of being away from the world. She’d had her morning meeting with the senior staff and was now ready to enjoy her Saturday with Tina.

    Bette smiled to herself. In seventeen years she had never let herself believe that Tina would come back into her life. That Tina would be back in her bed. She had woken early this morning just to lay beside Tina and watch her sleep. The night before she had bathed her, Noticed more scars that she wanted on Tina’s body. She wanted to ask Tina but thought it was best not to push it. She knew Tina had gone through hell, she just wasn’t sure how much of that hell she was willing to share. Bette looked at Tina, like Tina had to her all those years ago, and she’d watched Tina relax completely at her touch.

    They both knew that their relationship would get out. Bette being in love would be news. For the last seventeen years she hadn’t stayed with a someone longer than about six months. She knew she needed sex. With Tina it was different. It was love and commitment. No one had measured up to Tina. No one had made her heart beat as fast, or made her as weak in the knees. She had never really understood the term love of my life until Tina had walked into her life.

    Tina noticed at once that Bette had come out and was making herself at home, Tina looked at the woman she loved so deeply. Her hair pulled back, she was wearing a white shirt, and casual black slacks. Tina was scared that she would wake up and all tis was a dream. She didn’t want to lose Bette again but she was scared that her demons may get in the way.

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