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    Tina took a deep breath as Bette got up and disappeared back into the house returning with a mug of coffee and plate which Tina hoped was Bette’s breakfast. The thought of food made her own stomach grumble and she knew she had to finish up. She finished up her last few moves and then shook her body out. She felt at peace again. She walked back towards the house and smiled when she sat the plate of fruit that Bette was eating.

    “Good morning,” Tina smiled before leaning over and gently kissing Bette’s lip.

    Bette smiled that was a great sign in her book, it was also a throw back to their earlier relationship.

    “Good morning, I’ve made myself at home,”

    “You have, I’m just going to shower than you can have my full attention.”

    Bette nodded and watched as Tina disappeared into the house.

    Bette just sat, listening to the birds and the silence it was so different to city leaving. Even with the thick walls of the White House with the windows open you could hear the busy main road at the end of the impressive drive. The air was cleaner and Bette felt her body relaxing. Maybe it was the place or perhaps it was being with Tina, she hoped it was both. She could get used to this. If her weekends and post-Presidential life were this nice. Maybe as she got older she did crave silence. The rush of life in the White House and being President, she perhaps need this.

    Tina walked back out freshly showered and wearing jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. She was carrying a glass of fresh juice and her own plate of fruit. She sat herself into her arm chair.

    “I love it here,” Bette said softly.

    “You’ve only been here a few hours,” Tina smiled as she started to slowly eat her breakfast.

    “I know but the calmness.”

    “Yeah that’s what got me when I found the land, the animals, the stream down the bottom in the woods, the woods, the calm air.” Tina smiled.

    “You love it here?” Bette asked, turning to look at Tina more, she couldn’t stop looking at her. She was everything she had ever wanted and she was so glad that she was in her life. She had missed looking at Tina for seventeen years and now here she was, looking at her. She licked her lips. Watching Tina closely.


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