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    “Yes baby,” Bette was calm as she fucked her.

    “Fuck, I’ve missed this,” Tina moaned.

    “Get used to it.” Bette laughed as she made Tina come again. Bette removed her fingers and licked them clean as she held a panting Tina.

    “I’m not sure I can get used to this much sex.”

    “We seem to be trying to make up for lost time,” Bette grinned as she moved to wash her hands before she picked up and sandwich taking a bit. Tina turned and looked at her. She smiled.

    “Bette Porter, please say this is forever and I’m not getting my heart broken again.” Tina was suddenly very serious. She was willing to give everything to Bette. she wanted to be wither and she understood that with Bette being the President her life was going to change.

    “This is forever, I love you, I want to be with you, I want to hold you, fuck you, make love to you, share a fucking life with you, just you. I’ve waited seventeen years to have you back in my life Tina and I’m not fucking this up again.” Bette put the sandwich down,

    She took Tina in her arms and held her, just needing to feel that closeness.

    “I love you too,” Tina whispered.

    Bette smiled,

    “Come back to Washington with me,”

    “What” Tina pulled back,

    “I’m not wasting any more fucking time. I want you close. you can write in Washington, I’m not expecting you to become first lady. But I want my life partner. The woman I love with me. We’ve missed so much time and it’s time to put that behind us and for us to start moving forward. It’s time for us to be a real couple. Who live together, who love each other. Do you want that?”

    “More than anything,” Tina whispered,

    “I will get a company to pack my house up and bring stuff here, if that’s okay. I want this to be our home. If that’s okay with you?”

    “You know it is,” Tina smiled.

    “I will tell the press I’m in a relationship, I have too, but I don’t expect you to be thrown into the public light.”

    “That will happen babe, we both know it.” Tina stepped out of Bette’s embrace and picked up her own sandwich and started to eat. “I’m choosing this path with you. I love you. I want to be with you. I may panic a little, I may not say the right thing all the time but I promise to love you,”

    “That’s all that matters to me to be honest babe,” Bette grinned as she eat her own sandwich knowing that this really was them starting the rest of their lives.


    The Press.

    The New York Times.

    New York press online service.




    President Bette Porter, 57 has openly admitted that she is in a relationship and plans to marry the woman she is currently with.. A statement appeared on Ms Porter’s personal website around 2pm with the same personal statement being shared by the White House social media later the same day.

    The Statement said “I’ve found love again, I’m currently moving forward with the relationship and the woman in question is a remarkable woman. We are very happy together. She will be at the White House with me and I’ll be moving my full time home from LA to her home. When we are ready more information will be released, at present we would like you to respect our privacy as we set out on our life path together. We will share more with you in time.”

    The White House and President’s Office had no further comments to add when requested.


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