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    Tina sat looking at the laptop screen, on it was a number of black and white photos of Bette. Her wife was wearing low slung Levi’s, her arm covering her breasts. She was laughing in some and more serious in other. Tina was trying to pick the one she loved most, she found it. Bette was looking directly at her over the camera. Their eyes had locked and Bette was wearing that grin that always made Tina a little weak. It was a private smile that Bette only really flashed her. She saved it into the file. Before closing her laptop down.

    She closed the studio down for the day and headed inside. Smiling when she saw her wife lay on the sofa, her eyes closed. Their son lay half on her half on the large sofa. She picked up her camera and snapped a shot.

    “What are you doing?” Bette asked slowly opened her eyes.

    “Just capturing my family.”

    “Haven’t you took enough pictures today?”

    “I can never have too many photos of you my love.”


    “And here was me thinking Bette Porter was the charm magnet.”

    “I am when I’m more awake and now suffering from morning sickness at seven in the evening.”

    “aww, do you need anything?”

    “Water and crackers would be lovely.”

    “I can do that.” Tina went into the kitchen and got what her wife needed before putting them onto the coffee table. She then picked their son up and took him upstairs to bed.

    Tina slowly put her son to bed and she could hear her wife moving around. She then heard her wife vomit. Tina shook her head, understanding what her wife was going through she kissed her son’s head and put him into bed, before heading into her and Bette’s shared bathroom. Bette was sat beside the toilet. Her head resting on her arms. Breathing heavily. Tina walked over and gently rubbed her wife’s back, just letting her know that she was there.

    “Please tell me this shit gets easier?” Bette moaned.

    “It does, the first few months are the worst, but I’m here.”

    “Why did I agree to this?”

    “It was your idea.” Tina laughed softly

    “It was.”

    “C’mon, lets get you into bed,”

    “I need a bath.”

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    1. This is good. Tina taking care of Bette and Xavier. It was nice to tell Kit about the pregnancy too. Morning sickness cannot be pleasant….. but hopefully it will be over soon.

      What is Bette writing about? She should at least give Tina some kind of information – fiction maybe? a murder mystery? I would think that Bette would make a good Agatha Christi type author….

      Thanks for the chapter…

    2. What a great chapter!

      Love the pampering Tina bestowed on her wife! They are happy and in a strong relationship.

      Bette as a writer, lovely idea, wonder what kind of story she is writing, about art, fantasy, romantic or maybe a thriller?

      The woman in the corner, who is she? Don’t think it is one of Bette’s ex or one night stands, she didn’t seem to recognize her.

      I hope you will post the next chapter soon!

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