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    Resetting the narrative


    Two minutes before standing in front of the press Bette had taken a deep breath, squared her shoulder and opened the backdoor that would take her on the path around the house to the front gate. She turned and handed Dani’s speech back saying she wouldn’t be using it. When Dani protested Bette just said, ‘trust me’.

    Tina and Dani sat together in Bette’s media room watching the streaming video of the speech Bette was delivering just a few feet away. Dani was watching and listening intently while she held the written speech in her hand. Bette was right. The speech she’d written was good but didn’t speak to the compelling reason of Bette’s ‘why’.

    As Tina listened to Bette’s heart-felt words and the emotions behind the retelling of one of the most tragic life-events that their family had ever endured she glanced over at Dani. The young woman’s expression of pure awestruck infatuation was clearly written all over her face. This could only spell trouble. Bette Porter had another ‘groupie’.

    Although they spent the entire day in Bette’s house Tina and Dani hadn’t interacted much but Dani had seen enough to know that the beautiful strawberry blonde that showed up out of nowhere obviously had more influence on Bette Porter than anyone else that she’d come across in her short time as PR Manager. She was also as important to Bette as Angie was.


    Angie, Quiara and Shane had watched the speech live via streaming video from Shane’s house. A few minutes after Bette concluded, Shane received the call from Tina to bring Angie home.

    Tina had told Carrie that she might take Angie to the hotel with her that evening but seeing how emotionally drained Bette appeared when she walked back into the living room, she decided Bette shouldn’t be alone.

    Bette spoke to Dani briefly, thanked her for spending her entire Saturday managing this fiasco then sent her home. Normally they wouldn’t take a day off this close to the election but they’d both earned it, and Bette really wanted a full day to be with Tina and Angie. Monday would be soon enough to regroup.

    Once she saw Dani to the door Bette went to her bathroom and washed up then changed into a comfortable lounging pant set and slippers. She ran a brush through her hair and put on a touch of lip gloss.

    When Bette walked into the kitchen Tina was browning the ground beef and had all the ingredients out to start the lasagna. She’d already popped the cork on the wine Bette suggested as the perfect add to the meat sauce. After letting it breathe for about 30 minutes Tina had poured a glass for Bette and herself to sip as they cooked. Bette put on a Gipsy Kings Live in concert playlist of a mix of Italian and Spanish upbeat salsa music to play in the background.

    They worked in sync moving from the stove to the chopping block to the fridge or sink as they pulled the meal together.

    When Bette heard Volare come on she turned up the volume and started gyrating to the music. Catching Tina’s attention she extended her arms giving Tina that come-hither look. Tina gave her that don’t you even try it look but smirked knowing she couldn’t resist it.

    She took Bette’s hand and allowed herself to be twirled as she followed Bette’s lead. It had been an extremely stressful day and it felt good to just let loose for a few minutes. Volare was followed by Bamboleo. The two got so carried away with their salsa dancing that they didn’t notice Angie, Shane and Quiara watching them from the kitchen entryway.

    Angie just stared at her parents with a WTF look on her face turning to Shane for answers. Shane simply smiled and winked, then cleared her throat to announce their presence.


    1. For me all this plot about Bette running for mayor is worthless. First – don’t really understand what she can’t do with pharma even if she won – mayor not writing any laws, it’s not congressmen or senator or even governor. Mayor just manage the city.
      Second – i really didn’t understand what her agenda for biggest part of voters – for the straight, white people. Fight for homophobia it’s good, but it’s can’t be the only reason, because for this audience it’s not enough, they don’t know much about this problem.

      • Zhenya, I agree the whole running for mayor thing was a crock. Instead of spending 8 episodes on Bette’s affair with Felicity they could have had Bette involved with some major local and national initiatives that could influence change not only in regards to the drug epidemic but also the homeless youth. She has millionaire friends like Shane that could have invested in that property that Dani’s father bought to help the homeless instead of Shane buying a Lesbian bar that only served to provide a couch for everyone to have sex – that was so gross!! If they were trying to recreate the Planet they failed miserably.

        Then to have Bette go through all that sh*t and lose the race was a waste of air-time. I read or heard somewhere in an interview that Jennifer Beal’s agreed that politics was a natural progression for Bette but the way she was written leave me with the impression that she was way unqualified and over her head. With her weak campaign manager and totally clueless Dani there was no way she could win.

        I wish the writers and show runners would give (us) their mature audiences credit and respect their actors enough to give them substantive stories that don’t need to be solely focused on gratuitous sex and nudity. I think I saw a comment that basically called the L-Word and GenQ soft-porn and it is. Sadly for some sex sells. Even Jennifer Beals said sex had to be part of the story. As Peggy Peabody once said ‘all that f*cking with no art is really rather dreary”

        Unfortunately since my story is GenQ canon for the most part I had to pick up on the roles they gave Bette and Tina but I hope I can shape a different narrative as we move forward and bring this tale to a Tibette conclusion.

        Thank you for reading and commenting.

    2. Interesting interaction between Bette and Tina. I like that they are just relaxing together while preparing the dinner meal. Its being causal yet friendly. And who doesn’t realize that dancing is a form of intimacy which may lead to other things later. Of course it doesn’t always. In this case, its an expression of enjoying each others company.

      I’m not sure why Angie would have a WTF look on her face. Maybe its more like wow…my moms are dancing together and having some fun. But maybe that’s just me and my interpretation of WTF look means. To me that would indicate confusion, surprise with a bit of disappointment or dislike of the cause of my response.

      I do like this chapter….good background as to how the story is going. In response to Zhenya, running for mayor was the brain child of the Gen Q writers. It just Bette’s professional life at the moment which brings in these new people and events into her life. It causes drama. Just because the Gen Q writers have no understanding of what mayors do has no bearing on the story. We already know at this point she will lose the election so the big question is what will she do next? And that will have a much greater impact on her future than this brief mayoral candidacy.

      This story is about relationships – where they are currently and how they came to be where they are and where they will go in the future. And we the readers are just along for the ride. I for one am enjoying this ride because I would like to see someone help me make sense of this Gen Q story which is so ill-conceived in the first place. This story is giving me details, reasoning and logic which simply is not available via the TLWGQ. And hopefully this will help me resolve my total disgust with what Gen Q has done to Bette and Tina for the sake of their particular story. Personally, I do not see Gen Q as a long running series – the second season may be their last. And if that happens, we may never see Tibette reunited on the series. But this story has the ability to take that story line to that reunion. And I for one cannot get enough of these stories. Bat2012, you are a terrific writer…and you have a very sound analytical and logical and emotional mind. Carry on with your good work and your word-smithing .and your plot.

      Thank you for this additional chapter….look forward to more when you can.

      • “And hopefully this will help me resolve my total disgust with what Gen Q has done to Bette and Tina for the sake of their particular story” – Well said. But i must say – i really not much disappointed in Marja and writers – they just don’t have talent and imagination. For them only drama they can create – it’s broke up someone and cheating on someone, all in best Ilene’s tradition.
        Most of all i disappointed in Beals – because it was only her decision to put Bette in politic. And she not only actress, but how exec. producer agreed on Tibette’s divorce and how the writers done it. She also agreed on Kit’s death to give Bette the reason to go for mayor.
        And Laurel – i don’t know why she agreed to play her part in all of that. To help her friends with this show maybe? And to give Bette’s closure to ready to move on to another “love of her life” – Maya or someone else in s2?
        And all the words that she and Beals tells in interview about Tibette – i don’t trust them. I think it’s just marketing trick to keep Tibette’s fans how audience for Gen. Q.

      • Martha3128 your words inspire me to try to live up to them. Thank you. Yes the dancing was just a light-hearted moment after the stress of the day. I was actually listening to the Gipsy Kings in concert as I was writing and the music was so lively that I found myself just wanting to get up and dance so I thought it might be the same for Bette and Tina.

        WTF look was meant in a positive way – Angie mostly knows her parents always being at odds and most recently they could barely be in the same room together without fighting so coming home to find them both in the kitchen preparing dinner, drinking wine, laughing and dancing salsa was totally unexpected. Plus you know Angie drops as many f-bombs as Bette and every other character on the show so I think I was just in that mode.

        I think I have commented enough on my take on the show. I really wanted to support it because of my respect for Jennifer, Laurel, Kate and Leisha. I think they wanted to give back for the loyalty fans have shown even 10 years after the original show has gone off the air. But unfortunately circumstances seem to drive how this show is produced. I read somewhere that normally a show like this would have 10 episodes in the season and start with a pilot but this one went right to production because the showrunner’s wife was expecting a baby in real life and Showtime wanted to give her family time so they went with the 8 episodes which could explain why everything seemed so rushed and disjointed because they didn’t have time to introduce the characters and give them a foundation. I get Laurel’s schedule was unknown and when she became available they had to write her into the story quickly but it would have served them better to just have her on the phone and if they wanted an appearance or two film her in Canada talking to Bette and Angie or Shane or Alice or whatever. Having her pop in for two episodes to berate Bette in the first one and then tell her she’s getting married in the second one was a real disappointment for most of us that tuned in. But they got the ratings and that was the plan to get the show renewed for the second season. I agree it won;t be a long-running show unless they make some serious changes including perhaps the show-runner and definitely most of the writers.

        We’ll see where they put Bette now that she lost the mayors race and the Drug commission was a sham. She’s out of work and potentially dating or just sleeping with the reporter (Maya).

        Laurel will likely also be back at least for a few episodes so will we need to suffer through them being with different partners and longing for each other for another season? Both Laurel and Jennifer said they wanted to explore the divorced co-parenting but Angie is almost 17 likely graduating high-school by next season how much co-parenting do they need to do for an adult child?

        Anyway, I’ll do my best to make some sense of this mess and hopefully provide a realistic conclusion to my tale.

    3. Just read the whole thing and bravo, BAT2012! You’ve done a great job of fleshing out the GenQ setup, and I love how you write Tina in particular. I find Bette really hard to like sometimes – she’s so headstrong – and I enjoyed how you brought Pierce in to stand up to her. Bette always thinks she’s the smartest person in any room, and it was funny when she said to Tina on the show ‘Look around, I’m wrong all the time’ because I just thought it sounded like self-flagellation, which is what she does rather than CHANGE anything, lol

      The dancing was so lovely. These are the happy home scenes we (almost) all want for them. Thank you for providing them.

      • Largo, thank you for reading. Glad you enjoyed it. I so agree with you about Bette. She is definitely self-aware but she still defends her bad behavior like when she called herself a bombastic bully in the original show. Also being headstrong is both a blessing and a curse especially when she’s set on doing something really self-destructive. I hope to give them some more happy moments and maybe reminisce a bit to give us back some of their best moments.

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