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    Chapter 1

    Tina got out of the back of the taxi and pulled her dress down to just above her knee. The dress was tight fitting, moulded to her body. showing off every curve. The dress was low cut, showing of the soft curve of her breasts. She always liked to dress to impress and there was really only one person of late that she wanted to impress.

    Tina paid the taxi driver and gave him a tip. She then put her purse over her shoulder and walked towards the door. A rather hunky man stood at the door with a clip board. She walked up to the VIP door.

    “Good evening Ms Kennard, how are you?”

    “I’m good Dave,” Tina smiled.

    “Enjoy your evening,” He said after quickly searching her purse.

    Tina walked into the bar and it was alive. It was already 10pm and she was later than usual. She’d been filming and it had overran. All she wanted now was a drink and maybe a woman. she walked over to the VIP bar and caught the eye of the bar tender.

    “Hey Ti,”

    “Hey Shane, busy tonight?” Tina asked as she looked around. She had helped Shane buy the bar a couple of years ago to get her away from the homeless and drugs. It had worked and Shane was making a good living for herself and Tina.

    “Really busy, we have a party on the main floor. Quiet a lot of people just coming in because they know Tina Kennard owns the bar.”

    “I’m glad my name can bring in the people. We both know it’s your hard work that keeps this place open, I was just the capital.” Tina laughed.

    “You changed my life and we both know it. Where is Helena?” Shane asked.

    “We broke up,”

    “What? Why?”

    “Because she decided to fuck another woman in the elevator of her apartment building and it was caught on camera and someone kindly sent to me.”

    “Oh God, I’m sorry.”

    “It’s okay I’ve had a month to get over it. Hopefully there is someone out there for me.”

    “I’m sure there is. I mean you fucking sexy as fuck,”

    “Sexy as fuck wow I’ll take it.” Tina said as she finally decided to sit on a bar stool. Her dress riding up slightly to reveal her legs.

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    1. Hmmmm my imagination was peaked after only one page!! Aggressive Tina who gets to the point. Will be interesting to see if this Tina is the type of person who will romance Bette. She KNOWS she hot and desired by men & women and use to getting WHO she wants.

      I like how she & Shane are in business together.

      Looking 4ward to chap 2!!!

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