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    Eros Cove—Chapter 1

    “Well you would have made a good actress too”

    “Thanks” I say smiling at my best friend of 10 years..

    I have no idea what I would do without Joan.  The day I met her at Rush at California University, I thought she was the most obnoxious annoying red head  I had ever met in my life but after we pledged the same sorority and got thrown in the same room we became inseparable.  She’s like the sister I never had even though I do have a sister but she hasn’t been in my life for years.

    “Well I am disappointed you didn’t get laid on this tour….Ever since you broke up with Gina you have been nothing but a recluse..I thought maybe this would maybe get your pussy back in play”

    “Look who’s talking…It’s not like you are  getting any with your man half way around the world”

    “Actually I went to see him last week so I’m good thank you very much” She replies and I sit up in amazement

    “You went to London to see Rick ?…You?…You actually got on a plane?…The person who freaked out on me in the airport like Rain Man when we were going to Miami for our National Convention and we got detained by TSA because in all of your screaming you said “There is a bomb on the plane!”…It took your Dad hours to get us released from their custody when he finally convinced them you weren’t a terrorist” I reply and watch Joan roll her eyes.

    “You will never let me live that one down but…Yes I did…Thanks to my doctor prescribing tranquilizers. I was knocked out there and back..But it was worth it…” And I see a grin creep up on her face..

    “I’m sure it was…But I honestly don’t see how you are doing this long distance thing with him..What? It’s been almost three months since he took that assignment and it was for a year”

    “It’s easy…I love him Bette” She replies…And I see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice that she does and I wish so badly that I could have that kind of relationship one day….“And…He proposed to me and I said…..Yes!” She announces holding up her left hand that’s sporting a gorgeous diamond ring on her ring finger.


    1. Hey my friend, you’re back! Love to read your stories. Know they were among some others that inspired me to write.
      Tina as a artist? Wow, i’m very curious how you’re going to work that out.

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