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    Eros Cove—Chapter 1

    I grab my cellphone out of my purse and begin dialing her number realizing there is a time difference and she may not even be up but that worry quickly leaves my head as I hear a voice answer.


    “Hi..Is this Bette Porter?”

    “Yes it is..Who is this?”

    “I’m sorry if I’m calling to early but this is Tina Kennard. You gave me your card the other day and asked about me doing artwork for your book cover”

    “Oh!..Yes!…I’m so glad you called me!” She says and I can hear the eagerness in her voice.

    “Well I’m very interested to hear what you have in mind”

    “I want to fly you out here and put you up in my guest house..You’ll have your own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and I can supply whatever art materials you need plus I will pay you $10,000 in advance to paint my art cover…I need to have it finished and sent to my published by Dec 16 so that gives you six months…How does that sound?” She says and I’m just stunned and can’t move or speak as I just sit there in silence…”Tina?…Are you there?”

    “Uhmm…Yes…I…I am here..I’m just…….Wow…I don’t know what to say..Is this for real” I finally say as I manage to find a nearby chair to sit in

    “Yes it is..Very real…And I hope you say yes”

    “Are you kidding?..Yes..I will..I would be crazy not to accept…This is amazing…Thank you so much for this opportunity!” I answer feeling that my dream of being a professional artist is starting to become a reality

    “Wonderful!…I’m very excited that you have agreed…I will have my lawyer draw up the contract and have everything ready for you when you arrive…When do you think you will be able to fly out?”

    “Now..I mean whenever you need me..I  don’t have anything keeping me here and all I need to do is pack what clothes I brought with me and my supplies”

    “Alright then..I will book the flight for you…I will save your number in my phone and call you back with your flight info…..Tina I can’t thank you enough for doing this” She says and I scoff slightly

    “Uhmm No Bette…I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity…Two days ago I didn’t know where I was going to go or what I was going to do since I was struggling making money and you just saved me”

    “Well there was a reason we met that day In Jackson Square…We were meant to help each other…I needed an artist and you needed a job” She says and I smile into the phone.

    “Yes..I guess you are right…I will wait for your call.”

    “Good..I’ll call you back soon ok…Bye” She says as she ends the call

    I sit back in my chair relieved and sigh. After Emma showing up at more doorstep this morning this couldn’t come at a better time. I need to get as far away from her as possible and the best part is she won’t even know where I am. Perfect opportunity to get over her and throw myself into this project.




    1. Hey my friend, you’re back! Love to read your stories. Know they were among some others that inspired me to write.
      Tina as a artist? Wow, i’m very curious how you’re going to work that out.

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