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    Asking for Help



    Tina and Bette followed Kate towards the back of the precinct to the room where Tina would be identifying her attackers. Tina walked with an air of confidence, but Bette knew it was false bravado as she could feel her body shaking through the vibrations running through Tina’s hand. Bette pulled Tina closer to her offering her hand a gentle squeeze and passing her a reassuring smile. “I’m right here Baby; I won’t let anyone hurt you again.” Bette whispers softly in her ear.

    The three women enter a dimly lit room. They peer through a window seeing a brightly lit room that stood empty. “So, Tina, we’re going to bring five guys into this room and you just need to tell me which number, or numbers, are the men who attacked you. Do you think you can do that?” Kate asks.

    Tina’s fear becomes more evident as she backs into a corner and her voice shakes as she responds. “Ca-can they se-see m-me?”

    Bette moves to Tina, pulling her into her chest as the Detective responds. “No, absolutely not. It’s a one-way mirror. You can see them, but they can’t see you. I promise.”

    “Are you sure you can do this Tina?” Bette asks concerned.

    Tina straightens up and moves away from Bette slightly. “I can do this. I’m fine, Bette. Don’t worry about me. I’ve got everything under control.”

    Bette stands in silent support of Tina, but her concern over Tina’s vacillating emotions continues to linger. Kate moves toward the door. “Okay, I’m going to go tell the officers to escort the guys in for the lineup. When I come back, I’ll have a defense lawyer with me – he gets to witness the identification. You can take your time; there’s no rush.”

    Kate exists the room and returns seconds later with the lawyer. He reaches out for introductions but Bette steps between them. “We’re good. You can just stand in the corner; you’re here to observe not make small talk.” The man smirks at Bette’s obvious aggression towards him but doesn’t respond. Bette turns back towards Tina. She presses a kiss to Tina’s temple as she speaks. “Everything’s going to be fine Baby. Once you finish here, we can go home and spend some time snuggling on the couch. Just take your time Baby, I’m standing right behind you if you need me.”

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    1. Geeze! This is wicked beyond measure. Tina feels THEM in her, on her and everywhere!!! And the fuckin’ male cops are gleefully playing audio like voyeurs in a peep show??? Jesus!! And she’ll have to watch & hear their godless, diabolical antics during a trial??

      I may not be able to see my way through this story….

      • I’ll give you the same teaser I gave another reader on a different site:

        There will NOT be a trial! The next chapter will be the last time Tina will have to address her attack legally.

        The focus, moving forward, is on Tina and Bette’s healing – separately and together – and the bumps that they’ll find in that journey.

        I promise the answer to all questions regarding the officer and video will be answered next chapter…

    2. A well written account of a disturbing event.

      So wrong that the Officers dealing are all male and so obviously lead by male Leaders.

      Look forward to more posts and hope your Story introduces some sympathetic Characters in the Police to help Tina.


    3. This is a hard story to get through. The pain and devastation Tina is going through. She has now been assaulted again by this visit to the police station by relieving her initial rape and facing her perpetrators. At least the response from Henry and Aaron can be presented as evidence as an admission of guilt. There are three witnesses to these statements beside Tina. Where did they get this film? Surely Tina did not have her trailer under surveillance? But if she did, it certainly shows the brutality of the situation Tina lived through. This is going to take years of therapy to get through and most people would never get through this. Horrible, Horrible situation.

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